“In a world replete with scarcity, you stand out as a beacon of abundance.  I adore you – and have for quite some time – ever since you were so generous in the early days of my speaking career to spend time with me, giving me some of the best advice I’ve received in this crazy business.”
- Laura Gassner Otting, keynote speaker and best-selling author of Limitless and Wonderhell - Represented by VaynerSpeakers

MILCK (Connie Lim) is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter & musician

Atypical speakers on the rise

We are witnessing the rise of the atypical speaker.  Today’s modern success stories are multi-faceted, and the heroes and heroines of those stories are multi-faceted, too. It is an exciting time to be an expert with valuable knowledge to share. My private services are specifically designed for those who’ve crossed the threshold of celebrity in their area of expertise – or are poised to vault across it ASAP.

I offer balanced context, hard data, and unique deliverables to fuel their overall success – not just success in speaking.

With increasingly flexible formats, global reach, low barriers to entry, and the immediate gratification of connecting with audiences, many public figures are reconsidering their strategic approach to speaking.  Those who previously didn’t consider speaking now selectively consider opportunities.  The limited stereotype of a “Professional Speaker” is dead and so are antiquated rules around how paid speaking must operate, what successful speaking looks like, or sounds like.

  • What’s out:  Rigidity and conformity
  • What’s in:  Flexibility and unique value proposition

Many creators see speaking as a component of their portfolio of interests, their business, and/or their personal brand.  Whether it serves a primary or ancillary role, they are united in their view that speaking is a powerful part of their bigger picture of success.  Their speaking strategy must be customized.  That is my specialty.  I craft strategic plans that can be refreshed as foundational factors evolve in my clients’ personal and professional lives.  No cookie-cutter approach will do.

This is deep, privileged, exciting work and it is my ZONE. My private clients are modern, diverse, and extraordinary – the result of today’s tech-driven, social media-powered, fractional expertise-era.  Speaking is an intentional mechanism to convert their influence into impact and lucrative opportunities.  The first step is a 1:1 Strategy Consult where we get to know one another — with me offering you immediate insight and context on your unique situation, with ZERO sales pitch.  The details for those are here – and you can self-schedule one at your convenience here:  https://calendly.com/amy_a_gray

Private Menu for Private Clients

My private services menu

Your strategy for speaking is not the same as your chosen model of representation.  I’m a business strategist and your overall success is my priority – how you choose to implement and roll out your custom strategy around your speaking is fully your decision.  I privately guide public figures on the strategic use of paid speaking as a key element of their “highest/best” contribution to the world.

If your speaking fee is at the $50,000 per appearance level or higher, you unlock access to my premium services.  My work is a strategic multiplier of your paid speaking success – it does not replace your current representation, nor does it question your selection of service provider for that work.

To receive access to this menu, please reach out via the confidential form link below.

Please note: I do not endorse a specific model of representation – nor do I seek to disrupt any existing working relationships.  My guidance offers a deep competitive advantage whether you are self-represented, managed, or exclusively represented by a bureau or global talent agency.

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I add value no matter how you are represented for speaking

custom strategy

I’m passionate about crafting a custom strategy for you and your needs – and equipping you with clever tools to make excellent decisions around your speaking.

  • I’m deeply familiar with all the current ways modern experts CAN handle their speaking work, but I do not endorse one model over others.  Your choice of representation model and service provider are separate, deeply personal decisions you make – without pressure from me.
  • In many cases, you’ve made those decisions before we connect.  Our private project work complements your decisions, resulting in more profitable, productive, and positive working relationships.
  • If you haven’t made those decisions yet, or are actively considering other options, several of my services assist you in understanding your options and making balanced informed decisions.

Amy Gray, Founder and Managing Member

My clients are my priority

My clients have been my top priority for more than two decades.  I view them as ‘people’ first, not as the world-famous figure, best-selling author, or celebrity.  I understand the human behind the public image and deeply understand and support their priorities.  Speaking is an important part of their legacy – whether they accept many invitations or very few.  I pay attention.  I operate with full discretion and confidentiality.  I offer my expertise and recommendations and then step back, to allow my clients to make their own decisions. We are fired up to do meaningful, important work together.

My services complement each model of speaker representation – from those who self-represent, to those who work with a management company, a traditional speakers agency, or a global talent agency.  I don’t need to manage my clients’ paid speaking to offer crucial strategic advantages.
My private guidance works in tandem with whatever model of representation is in place. I serve as a strategic sounding board, problem-solver, and expert in the realm of modern, paid speaking. Many of my private clients tap into my expertise on a planned quarterly basis or ‘as needed’ when a strategic issue arises.

I don’t burn bridges – I build and maintain them for the good of all.

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You are not

You are not a speaker in the traditional sense.  Your public profile attracts speaking invitations, yet you don’t define yourself as a “speaker.”

Speaking is something you do, selectively, in service of your higher priorities.  You pride yourself on your depth of experience in your chosen field and have a strong desire to share that depth in a meaningful way to help others.

You are a very accomplished ‘Do-er’ in your primary career.  Speaking is an interesting way to build your legacy and offer a generous perspective on what it took to create your visible success.  The world is hungry for your message.

influence &
positive impact

You thrive at the intersection of influence and positive impact.  It shows in your personality, the way you treat people, your brand, your writing, and your speaking.  You inspire people to learn, grow, and be the best version of themselves.  You build businesses, write best-sellers, champion worthy causes, and gather huge audiences.  You dream massive dreams and you achieve them.


Most people follow the path of least resistance.  You are not like most people.  Others follow your lead.  You zig when others zag.  You eat challenge for breakfast.  You pride yourself on your independence, work ethic, creative mind, and results.  You are a trailblazer and non-conformist.

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