New Leaf offers a modern, in-house alternative to traditional representation for speaking. We accomplish this via two services:

  • managing all speaking invitations for high-profile individuals who want the transparency and accountability of a dedicated, in-house agent without the overhead, training, or management responsibilities of hiring dedicated staff.
  • our ‘School for Self-Representation’ for those who want to benchmark their current self-representation practices against how others are successfully operating, and/or develop their existing staff to handle their speaking in a world-class manner. Coming Soon.

Event hosts, meeting planners, event production companies, bureaus, or agencies seeking information on our clients for a possible speaking appearance:
Please click the link below or head to our client roster page. Each speaker’s profile page has a quick inquiry form at the bottom. We look forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of working together.  Please note: New Leaf’s private label clients do not appear on our website roster.  Those clients prefer to keep their utilization of New Leaf’s in-house services under their own URL.  We are not at liberty to release a list of our private label clients.  Thank you for your kind understanding and respect for those clients’ privacy needs.

Explore New Leaf's roster of publicly-represented clients