Most speakers do not need agents, yet all speakers need ‘agency.’

In social science, agency is the capacity of an individual to act in their own best interest and fulfill their potential.
I offer tools and services that increase the agency of speakers at all levels of their careers.  You gain agency – without an agency.

I accomplish this goal in two ways:

  • BY INVITATION ONLY: Personal, in-house (virtual) speaking agent services for a select few. They typically are high-profile individuals who selectively consider speaking invitations and have in-bound inquiries that must be managed.  I directly represent my clients for all their speaking invitations and inquiries, focusing on their best interests, while also ensuring that their positive personal brand is protected and upheld.  Only a small percentage of elite clients need this service.  Most speakers do not need an agent (but nearly all think they do).  What all speakers need is ‘agency,’ so I created a way to access that, below.
  • FOR ALL: Tools, Services, and Community for Independent Speakers (and their support staff):  Independence refers to a state of mind, vs. how a speaker is represented.  My goal is to offer practical wisdom that increases the agency of all speakers, whether they are self-represented, managed, or exclusively represented by a single bureau or agency.  These offerings represent the information I wish I had when I started out in this work more than two decades ago.  The format will vary – but think: Industry insider information, checklists, templates, community with other independent-minded speakers, and agenda-free, timely 1:1 video consultations.  In the works:  In-person training for speakers and their support staff to learn the art of handling their speaking work in-house, in a world-class manner.

Event hosts, meeting planners, event production companies, bureaus, or agencies seeking information on my clients for a possible speaking appearance:
Please click the link below or head to our client roster page. Each speaker’s profile page has a quick inquiry form at the bottom. I look forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of working together.  Please note: New Leaf’s private label clients do not appear on our website roster.  I am not at liberty to release a list of my private-label clients.  Thank you for your kind understanding and respect for those clients’ privacy needs.

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