Amy is amazing at what she does. Brilliantly creative.

- Jesse Itzler, 2x NYT best-selling author, speaker, Founder of Marquis Jets, Co-Creator of Zico Coconut Water, Co-Owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks - Represented by VaynerSpeakers

Lucrative paid speaking favors niche specialists.

I know what corporate event hosts are looking for and where they are looking for it because I was a corporate keynote buyer for nearly a decade.  As a global conference producer, I created profit-driven conferences and seminars aimed at the C-suite, VP, and Director level.  Each year, I spent several hundred thousand dollars on high-ticket, corporate speakers.  I know what attracts and repels corporate buyers because I walked in their shoes for so many years.

My knowledge was put to good use for more than two decades as the personal speaker’s agent to experts with valuable content for a corporate audience.  Instinctively, after a decade as a buyer, I knew how to position my clients’ deep expertise in the most credible manner to attract the most speaking invitations and garner the best speaking fees.  My work created several multi-million dollar paid speaking businesses for my private clients and the option to retire comfortably, if they wished, from the proceeds of their paid speaking alone.  None of them did – they are far too passionate and driven to stop creating their magic, but they could have.

I want to put that deep knowledge and expertise to work for you.  Let’s nail down your best combination of clear, compelling, timely, and visible expertise:  Your Category of One.

Kick-off With a 1:1 Strategy Consult

The Category of One process is for those who want to stand out in a sea of sameness.  The process provides a deep dive into what makes you uniquely valuable to your core audience.  What drives you. What creates energy for you. What you’ve earned the right to speak about through your hard work over the years.  It combines self-awareness with a clear look at the competitive landscape you face in your niche.  We excavate.  We distill.  We craft a position for you as a Category of One niche expert.  The result?  Your unbeatable lane.  No one has the same combination of passionate interests, credible expertise, and uniquely valuable content that you do.

Not everyone is fit for this journey.  Only those serious about uncovering their highest / best contribution to the world and applying their energy to that niche should consider it.  It requires you to open up, shed the public persona, and get gritty.  The process combines my decade of experience as a corporate keynote buyer, the lessons I learned over more than two decades as the builder of multi-million dollar speaking businesses for my private clients, my deep obsession for non-fiction business books, and a soft focus that allows the golden threads of connection to form.

You emerge with your ‘Category of One:’

  • Clarity around your most impactful and profitable core audience for paid speaking.
  • Your uniquely valuable positioning in the niche where you serve your core audience.
  • Your core audience’s psychographics.
  • Your positioning as a keynote speaker – including proposed title, subtitle, session description, and take-aways, plus your laser-focused bio to demonstrate why you are the best option to deliver this keynote.
  • Recommended speaking fee.
  • Your top 5 competitors (and they may not be the ones YOU thought they were), how you stack up against them, and stand out as the best choice.

This positioning is the ‘gold’ needed to fuel your speaking, social media presence, your site, articles, the focus for any podcast guesting you do, and possibly inspire your next book. Applied consistently and well, it positions you to earn your best speaking fees and have the highest impact.  The results form the crown jewel or seed of potential for your multi-million dollar speaking success story.

Let’s get started.  

The first step is a 1-hour strategy session, self-booked at a time that works best for you.  You’ll gain immediate, practical insight in that session that you can apply immediately to your best next step in your paid speaking.  I’ll then craft a custom proposal and you decide your next step.  The link to book that session is below. I look forward to meeting you.

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Knowledge is Power

Three of my clients became multi-millionaires from the paid speaking businesses I built for them.  I crafted a custom strategy and executed that strategy as their personal speaker’s agent. Two of those clients started their work with me at $0 in paid speaking income.  One of those clients came to me with an average speaking fee of $5,000 per speech.  Those three clients represent a total of nearly 23 years of focused effort and bottom-line, irrefutable results.  I studied what worked, what flopped, and used that knowledge to create a unique process called The Category of One.

How it helps you

The Category of One process defines your most impactful and profitable lane.  It taps into your best combination of passionate interests, credible expertise, and market need.  It clarifies your position, among a multitude of possible options, and focuses your energy and talent where it offers the highest / best good in the world.

Your Unbeatable Lane

Once you claim your Category of One, it drives everything else.  Your writing, your social media content, your branding, your next book, and your best products and services.  It allows you to clearly articulate who you are obsessed with helping, how you solve their burning problem, and why you are the best choice for providing that solution.

A few of my Category of One clients

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Co-Founder, MadeFor, Founder, TOMS and best-selling author of Start Something That Matters
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Connie Lim, MILCK

Singer, Songwriter, Gentle Rebel and Creator of QUIET, Atlantic Records 2017-21
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