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These Outliers

My clients are ‘Category of One’ luminaries in their chosen fields and are delighted to be considered for speaking opportunities.  Their speaker profiles are accessible via the links below their photos.  Reach out with details on your event or your client’s event.  I’ll respond quickly with pricing and availability information for you to consider.  Me and my speakers love working with event hosts, meeting planners, production companies, bureaus, and agencies.  

New Era
for New Leaf

After 22 years as a ‘public-facing’ personal speaker’s agent for extraordinary individuals, New Leaf’s focus is shifting to exclusive private advisory and private label consulting.  The six individuals below represent my final cohort of public-facing clients.  New Leaf continues to serve as their exclusive personal speaker’s agent for all of their paid speaking work; however, I will not add any additional clients to this public list.

Moving forward, all NEW clients will be assisted through my confidential 1:1 advisory service and private commissions for their needs.
More information on the type of clients I assist with my private commission work can be found here.  My public representation work has been a deep privilege.  I’m channeling all the wisdom I’ve gained decades in the rarified air of elite speaker representation into continuing my work with my roster below and individuals who trust me to privately advise them on success in paid speaking.

My clients over the years have made me so proud.  Please see the shout-out section at the bottom of this page.

Photo of Aimée Mullins

Aimée Mullins

Groundbreaking Athlete, Fashion Icon, Actor, TED All-Star
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Photo of Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie

Co-Founder, MadeFor, Founder, TOMS and best-selling author of Start Something That Matters
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Photo of Neil Phillips

Neil Phillips

Chief Diversity Officer, Hollywood Foreign Press Association
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Photo of Connie Lim, MILCK

Connie Lim, MILCK

Singer, Songwriter, Gentle Rebel and Creator of QUIET, Atlantic Records 2017-21
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Photo of Scott Sonenshein

Scott Sonenshein

Professor of Management, Rice University, Expert on Resilience, Resourcefulness, Organizational Change, author of STRETCH, co-author of Joy at Work with Marie Kondo
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Photo of Kartik Hosanagar

Kartik Hosanagar

Faculty Co-Lead, Wharton AI & Analytics for Business, Professor of Technology & Digital Business, Wharton School, author, A Human's Guide to Machine Intelligence
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new leaf has been privileged to be the personal speaker’s agent for some extraordinary folks since 2001

In addition to the incredible roster above, I’ve been trusted by the following accomplished individuals to handle their paid speaking work for a portion of their journey.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and the opportunity.  It has been my honor.

Kevin Mitnick – The World’s Most Famous Computer Hacker – my first client.  I hired him for his first paid speaking engagement back in 2000.  He passed away in summer 2023 at 59 years old leaving behind his wonderful wife, Kimberley, and their son on the way.  Mini-Mitnick arrived in January 2024, healthy and thriving.  I am deeply grateful for the ride we had together and our deep friendship of 23 years.  “Do you want to be my speaker’s agent, Amy?” changed my entire life.

Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder. From 2006 to 2020, we created a whole new life for Woz as he explored the world meeting friends and fans from every corner of the globe.  Kevin Mitnick introduced me to Woz after Woz asked “How do you get to travel to so many exotic places?”  “My speaker’s agent, Amy, negotiates deals for me with event hosts, bureaus, and agencies and she is awesome.” “Can you introduce me?” That introduction was such a blessing.  Since June 2020, Woz’s speaking business has been handled full-time by Seamus Collins.  Seamus spent eight years at New Leaf and did an incredible job – and continues to do excellent work for Janet and Steve.  I wish them every success for a long and successful partnership.

  • Peter Walsh, TLC’s Clean Sweep and Trading Spaces
  • Whitney Johnson, Thinkers50, best-selling author, Disruption advisor
  • Martha Beck, Best-selling author and a pioneer in the field of Life Coaching
  • Saj-nicole Joni, CEO advisor, the first woman hired in the Applied Mathematics Department at MIT, and author
  • Amanda F*cking Palmer, Singer, Songwriter, author
  • Hamish Brewer, The Relentless Principal, and author
  • Dr. Tererai Trent, Oprah’s Favorite Guest of All Time and best-selling author
  • Kathy Elliott, Author
  • Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese
  • Ellen Langer, author, The Mother of Mindfulness and first female tenured professor of Psychology at Harvard University