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Why New Leaf?

Why New Leaf?

Our clients are world-renown entrepreneurs, business school professors, musicians, actors, models, athletes, educators, industry trail-blazers and best-selling authors.

Their success has come from breaking away from the pack and forging their own path.
They manage their speaking in a way that fits their persona.
Doing things differently and better.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS:  In-house team approach PLUS access to a global network of bureaus and agencies

Our clients don’t have to choose between having their internal team handle their speaking work OR working with a well-known speakers agency, speakers bureau, or talent agency.
With New Leaf, they get both.  We are a seamless extension of their in-house team and work closely with their existing assistants, Chief of Staff, PR director and more.  We lessen the load on the in-house staff by taking on the relationship management with all bureaus and agencies worldwide.  Our 500+ agent network is more than 20 years strong and includes contacts at
  • CAA
  • United Talent
  • The Harry Walker Agency
  • The Washington Speakers Bureau
  • BigSpeak
  • Premiere Speakers
  • The Lavin Agency
  • Keppler Speakers
  • American Program Bureau
  • and dozens more.  If you’ve heard of them, we’ve worked with them.  We welcome brokers from reputable institutions and we know the good ones from the bad actors.


We customize how each client’s speaking work is handled and do so in a turn-key and elegant manner.  We keep our clients informed of each offer and encourage acceptance of just the most impactful invitations.  All other opportunities are humbly and politely declined, based on our client’s wishes.  We are experts at the art of the graceful ‘no.’
With our intentional filtering, savvy negotiation skills and decades of experience, we take the workload off our speakers’ internal staff while keeping them in the loop. We can do this work publicly, via our site, or discreetly, via our private label option.  It all depends on how visible our clients wish to make our services.


After more than two decades of building relationships, New Leaf knows how to keep the working relationships strong and positive with agents at bureaus and agencies.  We are not a speakers bureau nor a talent agency, we are a niche management company that focuses solely on speaking work, due to our deep speaking industry expertise.  We operate as the dedicated ‘in-house’ agent for our clients, representing their best interests in every interaction.  Being exclusive with us, allows our clients to remain ‘non-exclusive’ with all other industry partners.  Why build and cultivate your network of bureau and agency relationships, when we already have a strong network cultivated with the same people and can seamlessly become the centralized point of contact for you?


We protect our clients from the bad actors in the speaking industry.  We recently brought an arbitration case against a large entertainment booking agency we caught taking exorbitant extra commission on every one of the deals it contracted with us in 2017-18.  This practice is known as ‘skimming’ and we do not tolerate this behavior.  To advocate for our clients’ best interests, we spent several years and tens of thousands in legal fees to fight this practice.  We won.  A New Leaf client is privy to AlL the financials of their speaking deals and our pioneering contracts protect them from ‘skimming’ and other unsavory behaviors.  Our clients rest easily knowing they have a powerful advocate in all negotiations.  We champion their interests and act decisively when those interests are in jeopardy.  We deeply care about our clients’ positive reputations AND financial success.