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“There is a movement toward speakers at all levels managing their speaking work themselves or via their in-house staff.  To date, there has been limited information on how to do this in a world-class manner. I am here to help.”

- Amy Gray, Founder, NEW LEAF: In-House Speaker's Agent Services

The School for independent Speakers

You are busy.  You don’t have a ton of time for in-depth….ANYTHING.  But you do some paid speaking and you wonder if you are handling it in the best way possible.
I am here to help.

I’ll offer tools and services distilled from what I’ve learned from more than three decades in the events business as an ‘outsider’ (I have never worked for a speakers bureau or speakers agency) with insider access to the speaking world.  I’ve spent nearly a decade as a conference producer who hired well-known speakers, and more than two decades as the personal, in-house speaker’s agent for notable personalities such as:

  • Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak (Alumnus, 13.5 years with New Leaf),
  • hacker turned security consultant and best-selling author, Kevin Mitnick (Alumnus, 15 years with New Leaf),
  • TED All-Star, Actor, Paralympian, Model and Advocate, Aimée Mullins (Current Client, 13 years with New Leaf), and
  • Conscious Capitalism early adopter and Founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie (Current Client, 5 years with New Leaf).

My clients opted out of the traditional forms of representation for speaking and brought that work in-house with New Leaf.  My current, public-facing client list is here.  When I began, the internet was in its infancy, and social media was pretty much limited to a budding Facebook.  There was no agreed terminology for the role I played in my clients’ work. I was an agent, for sure, but I didn’t feel like New Leaf was a speakers bureau or a speakers agency.  I’ve ultimately come to realize that all the work I’ve done can be categorized as ‘in-house’ speaking agent work.  An agent with no bureau or agency affiliation.  A free agent, if you will.  My top priority has been my speakers’ best interests.

Working with me to handle their speaking led to:

  • more control over the process,
  • more protection of their positive personal brand,
  • more direct communication with event hosts over the content and scope of each appearance,
  • more transparency on how individual inquiries were handled and on the financials and, in many cases,
  • more money through increased speaking fees and reduced commissions.

Together, we created a way to manage speaking that fit their busy lives and brought them joy.  All while preserving their freedom to handle their speaking their way and consider offers from all sources. I answered all of their direct inquiries and the ones from bureaus and agencies all over the globe.   Through these efforts, in-house speaker’s agent work was born – totally independent of any speakers bureau or speakers agency.

I’m distilling my 30+ years of experience into content that allow speakers to educate and empower themselves.  If needed, they can use the tools to represent themselves for speaking, in a world-class manner.  The checklists, tips, downloadable templates, articles, and in-person learning will all be based on the lessons I’ve learned from working directly with ‘category of one’ speakers and handling thousands of negotiations with event hosts, speaker bureaus, production companies, and meeting planners.

I’ll share the good, the bad, and the constructive.  I plan to share my knowledge generously and transparently so that speakers at all levels of experience can learn from my school of hard knocks and leap the learning curve by many years.

Designed for speakers at all levels of readiness:
  • those just getting started with speaking,
  • those who are in the process of re-evaluating how they handle their speaking work, and
  • those who have managed their speaking ‘in-house’ for years, and wonder if they are structuring it in the best manner possible.

This content is for everyone who wants to handle their speaking in a modern, personal, productive, and rewarding manner.

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“I found Amy via my friend, Jesse Itzler, and I’m so glad he connected us.  Amy’s passion and kindness for helping speakers is obvious – from her initial reply to her deep well of knowledge that she so generously shares.


Amy’s advice led me to take a giant leap of faith and begin a new and exciting way of handling my speaking work.


I feel empowered that I can excel in this industry.


If you can book time with her: DO IT.”

- Katie Hoff, 2x Olympic swimmer, 3x Olympic medalist, author & speaker

“You generously offered advice that helped me refine how I handled my paid speaking and easily shaved two+ years off my learning curve. The confidence boost enabled me to continue representing myself into a successful speaking career.  Your insights are spot-on and delivered like a trusted friend.


I can’t wait to see what The School for Independent Speakers will offer.”

- Josh Klein, CEO Indigometrics, Board Member, and Author

“Thanks so much for your tenacity to stand up for what’s right. You set the standard for integrity in the speaking industry. I’m very grateful to work with each an awesome company.”

Scott Sonenshein
Professor of Management, Rice University, Author of Joy at Work with Marie Kondo, Author of STRETCH:  Unlock the Power of Less and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined

“Hollywood producer and close friend, Cary Woods, referred me to New Leaf.  I’m so glad he did.  New Leaf has a rare approach to paid speaking that offers incredible service, a wealth of speaker bureau connections, ironclad integrity, full transparency and a deep well of industry experience.

In addition, when I saw ‘kindness’ emphasized as one of New Leaf’s core values, I thought “This is different.  I like this.”

If you have the opportunity to learn from or be managed by Amy and her team, take it. You’ll gain a wise mentor, a savvy negotiator and a staunch advocate who makes your priorities, New Leaf’s priorities.  I’m grateful to be part of the New Leaf team.”

Neil Phillips
Chief Diversity Officer, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Writer & Speaker

Thank you for the generosity of your time.  I see the brilliance and intentionality of what you’re building.
And I deeply respect it.
- Josh Shipp, Founder, Top Youth Speakers and Youth Speaker University, speaker, literary agent, and author