Connie Lim, MILCK

Singer, Songwriter, Gentle Rebel and Creator of QUIET, Atlantic Records 2017-21


Los Angeles-based pop singer, songwriter, and creator of the #icantkeepquiet movement, MILCK struck a chord of solidarity during the 2017 Women’s March.  Her soulful ballad, “Quiet,” became an anthem for survivors everywhere.  “Quiet” continues to turn heads and touch hearts, landing at #2 on NPR’s 2018 Year In Music list, featured as part of NPR’s American Anthem series, and Billboard called it the “#1 protest song of 2017.”

A first-generation American born to Chinese immigrants, Connie Lim studied classical piano at a young age, later teaching herself to write pop songs while attending college at Berkeley. Over the next decade, Lim plied her trade in the music industry, paying dues, writing songs, and performing under her given name before emerging as MILCK in 2016.  She was an artist with Atlantic Records from 2017-2021 and is currently a proud independent musician, singer, songwriter.  Her work has been featured in the GRAMMY museum’s 2022 exhibit: Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom, on Grey’s Anatomy and in Harpers Bazaar as one of the 53 best Feminist Anthems of all time.

MILCK recently participated in TIME’s Women of the Year Summit and Vital Voices’ annual Global Mentoring Walk with Diane Von Furstenberg and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Human Rights Activist Nadia Murad. MILCK uses her artistic platform for the advancement of social change. She taps into the emotional pulse of important cultural movements and creates art in collaboration with underrepresented communities. MILCK’s songs have been featured as the soundtrack to P&G’s 2018 Winter Olympics campaign, Secret’s National 2019 Campaign, and on Grey’s Anatomy, Blacklist, Lucifer, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Netflix’s Marco Polo, Mother Land, CBS’s Asian American Heritage Month, and more. In addition to her own songs, MILCK enjoys writing and producing songs of empowerment for others like “Mystery of Me” for Phillipa Soo, “Shh” by Linying, and “Stardust” for John Legend.

MILCK was an integral part of Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine series that showcased powerful women voices such as Abby Wambach, Glennon Doyle, Brené Brown, Cheryl Strayed, Yara Shahidi, Ruthie Lindsey, Cleo Wade, Luvvie Ajayi, Maysoon Zayid, Priya Parker, and many more.  MILCK speaks about the power of creativity to find one’s most powerful self.  In doing so, she gives audiences tools to innovate, create, advocate, rebuild after pain, turn pain into purpose, and reclaim their power.  In addition to her musical endeavors, MILCK has created the #icantkeepquiet fund, which raises awareness and money for non-profits like RISE, Equality Now, and Tuesday Night Project.


Connie Lim, known professionally as MILCK, is flexible in her approach to speaking and can do an interactive, on-stage Q&A format or a prepared keynote.  Let us know what you have in mind, we are delighted to learn more.  To help spark creative ideas for how Connie could deliver an exquisite contribution to your event, check out the topic list below and see which ones speak to you.  MILCK has an extensive library of songs that will beautifully add to her dialogue on stage.  She can intersperse her comments with songs that reinforce the relevant themes or key words of your event.

MILCK combines world-class vocals with speaking.  She is fast becoming one of the voices of today’s most significant issues. Her song, QUIET, became a viral success and the unofficial anthem of the Women’s March and the #metoo movement. Connie, using a combination of her powerful songs and wisdom, speaks on the topics of:

  • creativity
  • intuition
  • grit
  • championing the underdog
  • losing your voice and finding it again
  • mental health
  • empowerment
  • domestic violence
  • eating disorders
  • reproductive rights
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MILCK was awesome! First of all, she sounded incredible at the 7:30 a.m. tech check. Second, she shared that her sister was a KP doctor! That was a fun fact and the audience loved it. Finally, she gave the most profound performance of Quiet. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Many attendees said that they could have enjoyed an entire concert from her. This was quite a way to open day 2!

- Michelle P. Soo Hoo Sr., Manager Conferences and Events, Kaiser Permanente

My deepest gratitude for being part of our event last night. Connie, your music is incredible and I do feel that we can do big things together!

- Yasmeen Hassan, Global Executive Director, Equality Now