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Connie Lim, MILCK

Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Gentle Rebel and Creator of QUIET, Atlantic Records Artist 2017-2021


Los Angeles-based pop singer, songwriter, and creator of the #icantkeepquiet movement, MILCK struck a chord of solidarity during the 2017 Women’s March.  Her soulful ballad, “Quiet,” became an anthem for survivors everywhere.  “Quiet” continues to turn heads and touch hearts, landing at #2 on NPR’s 2018 Year In Music list, featured as part of NPR’s American Anthem series, and Billboard called it the “#1 protest song of 2017.”

A first-generation American born to Chinese immigrants, Connie Lim studied classical piano at a young age, later teaching herself to write pop songs while attending college at Berkeley. Over the next decade, Lim plied her trade in the music industry, paying dues, writing songs, and performing under her given name before emerging as MILCK in 2016.  She was an artist with Atlantic Records from 2017-2021 and is currently a proud independent musician, singer, songwriter.

MILCK speaks to using the power of creativity to find one’s most powerful self.  In doing so, she gives audiences tools to rebuild after pain, turn pain into purpose, and reclaim their power.  In addition to her musical endeavors, MILCK has created the #icantkeepquiet fund, which raises awareness and money for non-profits RISE, Equality Now, and Tuesday Night Project.  To join her crew of Gentle Rebels, visit her here:


  • QUIET - the official video

  • The Womens March 2017

  • MILCK on NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series

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Testimonials and a list of appearances is below.

“MILCK was awesome! First of all, she sounded incredible at the 7:30 a.m. tech check. Second, she shared that her sister was a KP doctor! That was a fun fact and the audience loved it. Finally, she gave the most profound performance of Quiet. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Many attendees said that they could have enjoyed an entire concert from her. This was quite a way to open day 2!”

Michelle P. Soo Hoo
Sr. Manager, Conferences and Events
Kaiser Permanente

“My deepest gratitude for being part of our event last night.  Connie, your music is incredible and I do feel that we can do big things together!”

Yasmeen Hassan
Global Executive Director
Equality Now

Connie has appeared at dozens of incredible events, such as:


Together LIVE – multiple cities 

Mountainfilm Festival

TOMS Gun Violence Rally 

CES  Google Speaking / Performance 

Sundance (ASCAP) 

MusiCares Dinner (pre Grammy gala) 


ESPYs performance 

Womens March NY speech and performance with Yoko Ono 

U.N He For She

California Democratic Convention 

Together Live Tour (speaking, panel, singing) with Hello Sunshine 

University of Chicago (Women’s Cancer Research Private Event)

Barnard University Speaking and performance

YMCA women’s leadership speaking and performance gig 

Kaiser women’s leadership speaking and performance 

Asian Americans Advancing Justice. Speaking and performing 

Unforgettable gala awards presenter 

ACLU gala on DC speaking and performing 

HRC galas. Speaking and singing. 

ASCAP social media impact panel at expp

Zen Parenting 

Emerging Women Live speaking gig

Women in tech (palm springs) speaking and performing 

Pomona College Speaking and performing 

Dartmouth College Speaking and performing 

CES Girls Lounge panels and performances 

Cannes lion panels and gigs for Girls Lounge and P&G

Fortune magazine speaking /fireside chat/performance 

P&G see her campaign panel and performance 

Equality Now (Speech + Performance Gala)


Women in the World 

Emerging Women Live  

UN wgnrr reproductive rights panel 

Recent Campaigns:

Creators For Change (YouTube / Google) 

OLAY Face Anything Campaign 

P&G Winter Olympic Campaign 

Toms Shoes Gun Violence Initiative

Music Tours

Jason Mraz, Ani DeFranco, Amy Shark


Connie Lim, known professionally as MILCK, is flexible in her approach to speaking and can do an interactive, on-stage Q&A format or a prepared keynote.  Let us know what you have in mind, we are delighted to learn more.  To help spark creative ideas for how Connie could deliver an exquisite contribution to your event, check out the detailed Q&A below.  MILCK also has an extensive library of songs that will beautifully add to her dialogue on stage.  She can intersperse her comments with songs that reinforce the relevant themes or key words of your event.

MILCK combines world-class vocals with speaking.  She is fast becoming one of the voices of today’s most significant issues. Her song, QUIET, became a viral success and the unofficial anthem of the Women’s March and the #metoo movement. Connie, using a combination of her powerful songs and wisdom, speaks on the topics of:

  • creativity,
  • intuition,
  • grit,
  • creativity,
  • championing the underdog,
  • losing your voice and finding it again,
  • mental health,
  • empowerment,
  • domestic violence,
  • eating disorders, and
  • reproductive rights.

Q&A with Connie Lim, MILCK and New Leaf Speaker Management:
Prospective event hosts can consider this information as a way to zero in on what they’d like Connie to touch upon or do in her appearance at their event.

On the topic of feeling unheard, unimportant, left behind, non-essential – how can you help listeners find their voice? 

Whenever I am telling myself the story that I am unheard, unimportant, left behind, or non-essential, I take three deep breaths, and count my gratitudes to snap back into the present. Being present is a surefire way to tap into our authenticity. The more we spend time with the present, and our authenticity, the more likely we will find ways of expressing ourselves outwardly with an authentic voice.

Thinking of my gratitudes makes me feel lighter, and enables me to think from a place of abundance. A place of calmness. A place of presence. When we can really focus on being in the moment, we can slow everything down as we observe the things happening around us, and make proactive decisions that are aligned with our higher selves, rather than reactive decisions that are aligned with our fear-based/lizard brain selves. 

To access my gratitude, I do an “I have ______” free write in my journal. Down the page, I’ll list what “I have”, and I will keep writing for at least 10 minutes.  “I have a body”, “I have eyesight”, “I have a bed”, “I have the gift of singing”. “I have access to Prince’s Purple Rain album”. “I have the ability to call my childhood friend Ashley when I’m feeling down”. I get specific, and sometimes will even extend the freewrite to 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, because the gratitude starts pouring out.

Lacking inspiration/creativity – how can they renew their levels of inspiration and creativity, specifically?

I like to remind myself that big tasks are composed of many small actions. The first micro step towards renewing inspiration and creativity is to acknowledge the power of our thoughts. Whatever I am telling myself is going to be the truth I manifest. If I believe that I am NOT creative, I am more likely to manifest actions that make me so. If I believe that I am creative, I am more likely to manifest micro actions to create a life of liberating expression. 

The second set of micro steps is to create rituals that honor our creative process. From lighting incense or candles before we sit down to work, to taking a daily walk. Go to your favorite tree at a park, and journal. The more patterns and rituals we surround ourselves with can help our mind warm up to the creative process. 

The third step is to create a micro community of like minded creatives that you feel joy around. Even if it’s one other person. Schedule in meetups where you each switch off sharing your current challenges and successes. Allow for others to offer feedback, and share their own journeys as well. 

Are there any surprising or especially effective ways that you do this?

Listening with care has changed the game for my creativity. I listen intently to others. I truly process the things they are saying, and all the things they are not saying. I collect ideas that spark from our conversations and record them into my cell phone.  One very effective way for me to channel inspiration is to walk 5 flights of stairs to the rooftop of my building, and to look up at the sky. I purposefully don’t take the elevator, to get in touch with my body, and to let the blood flow. Also, I like to look up at the sky and remind myself of how vast this world is, and how I am safe, because I am just one part of this throbbing organism called humanity. 

Can you share them with the audience?

Yes! So many ideas here. I could lead them in a breathing exercise, an “I have” journaling exercise, a micro community ice breaker between groups of 3 to 4 people.  Harmonization exercises could be cool, too. 

If a listener is lacking direction or clarity in their personal or professional lives – how can they regain that direction and clarity – or find it in the first place? 

So many of us do not make time to think about what we truly want, or if our actions are aligning with what we want. The first step is to make TIME to do so. In order to make time, we must learn to say NO to distractions. We must simplify our schedules and dare to prioritize brainstorming as a scheduled event in your calendar. However you prefer brainstorming, whether with a life coach, a tarot card reader, a best friend, or a group of people, make the time to nurture your ideas. Design your life so that you have brainstorming sessions for yourself on the regular.

Have you created, discovered or used any surprising or especially effective ways of doing this?

When I was ready to truly elevate my creative process, I unknowingly created informal internships for myself. I singled out people I admired in my creative field, and who are ahead of me in my endeavors. I then approach them and offer my time to work for them for free. I have developed deep relationships with some of my heroes, and now they mentor me, as I also provide them with support. 

If a listener is lacking the inner strength to keep going – how can they tap into grit and persistence to pull themselves out of their tailspin?

I think burnout can come from focusing too much on the result, rather than enjoying the nuances of the process. I always ask myself: What did I learn today? Rather than what did I accomplish today? If I focus on what I have learned, I am letting my curiosity lead me. Curiosity is a very potent force that can lead us through winding paths without us even realizing that we’re working. It’s a bit more playful. I think playing within our work is important. I also think it’s very important to play outside of our work as well, to keep a balance, and to refresh our creative energies. 

We must remember that creativity is both a process of intake and output. We cannot constantly be creating. Sometimes we need to live, to observe, and take in data, so that we can process it in our own unique ways. 

Have you created, discovered or used any surprising or especially effective ways of doing this?

Finding a hobby that is totally unrelated to your creative endeavor is very healthy. I like to box, and it helps me get out of my head, and into my body. The mere act of needing to drive to the gym refreshes my mind.  

Why should this audience listen to your perspective and advice?  What makes you a credible source of information on these topics?

I came from a family that prioritized academia over everything, and I had to fight for my creative lifestyle. I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and created this life of creativity for myself. Because I am the first of my family to step into the creative world, I had to do endless amounts of trial and error. I was a DIY musician for 7 years before my song “Quiet” went viral. Through those years, I’ve learned VALUABLE lessons to share with people. I have lost my way, and found my way back again and again. 

I also think that I am a credible source to talk about genuine creativity because the way that I came onto the mainstream scene was through as very authentic and organic process. My song went viral from a video that someone took of me singing on the streets. Not to mention, the song was a very personal song about me stepping out and reclaiming my power, after surviving a sexually abusive relationship. I have first hand experience on rebuilding myself after pain, and turning that pain into purpose. I am living proof for anyone who has gone through hardship and trauma that it is possible to find joy, and to achieve our dreams, despite how much shame or blame we’ve put on ourselves. 

What are a few of the biggest accolades or most impressive or meaningful credentials you have that will show the audience that you are a respected source of information on these topics? 

Singing at the Womens March in NYC with Yoko Ono onstage, holding a sign that said “IMAGINE PEACE” was an incredible moment that not only showed intergenerational unity, but also the power of the Asian American female voice. I am very proud of this moment. Yoko Ono represents so much of what I want to embody. She and I both deeply believe that inner peace will bring outer peace, and I will spend the rest of my life doing so. 

My song “Quiet” has been declared an American Anthem by NPR, and I am so proud to hear people from all over the world translating this personal healing song of mine into their own languages. There are videos of people singing this song in their own languages in Germany, Sweden, Ghana, Mexico, etc. I could not be prouder to have co-written the words that are helping to free feminists all over the world.


Connie Lim, MILCK

Behind the Scenes Collage, created by Amy Gray for MILCK
Music is everything to performer MILCK – it is how she thinks, breathes, touches, processes, offers, inspires.  So it is only fitting that the backdrop to her collage would be sheet music and lyrics from her songs.  She has been on an incredible journey which accelerated in early 2017 after her appearance at the Women’s March went viral, with an acapella choir singing her song “QUIET.”

MILCK’s music has been shared globally and has led to QUIET flash mobs in several countries, with women and men raising their voices to show their strength and power in not remaining silent anymore.  That song launched MILCK into the public eye and led to opportunities to share the stage with Yoko Ono, Jason Mraz, Cheryl Strayed, Reese Witherspoon, Abby Wambach, Glennon Doyle, Whitney Cummings, Hilary Clinton, and so many more.  Oprah was in the audience at the Mountainfilm where MILCK performed and loved the message in her music.

MILCK loves candles, including two special edition scents from The Human Code that donates $5 per candle for the #icantkeepquietday fund.  Another collaboration, with The Little Market, offers fair trade shopping bags that donate $10 per bag to the fund as well.  MILCK also loves incense, crystals, sage, lavender, journaling and the symbolism of the moon.  She’s an authentic, spiritual, reflective, talented soul who raises her voice so that others might find inspiration and comfort.