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• Full of promise.
• Determined to achieve your goals.
• Creating meaning in a world that can be hostile.
• Needing a bit of luck and protection while you do what you were born to do.
Does that feel like you?
I love symbolism and 'signs.'

This beauty was my 2nd Luna Moth in as many days, after spending 48+ years never seeing a single one in the wild.

And where was it?

At the top of Mt. Washington, hundreds of feet above the tree line.
Clinging to a stone.
Vulnerable to the ravens who circle the area.
At the summit.
The summit of Mt. Washington is the place of some of the most extreme weather on Earth. Just ask @jesseitzler who climbed it in the dead of winter with some hard-core fellow athletes.....building their life resumes (check out his @bylrradio and @buildyourliferesume )

It is not the place you would expect to see a Luna Moth. But there she* was. I felt this beauty was a symbolic message for me and the clients I work with:

Keep going. Do what you were born to do. Your vulnerability is beautiful. And with luck and sheer tenacity, you will achieve what you set out to do.

Have a great weekend friends. - Amy

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Ahhhhhh, thank you @milckmusic for this lovely pause in your Instagram story yesterday. It made me take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of that scene. I am in the midst of finalizing logo design- cannot wait to share. Thank you @denizsehovic for your work with me!
(Check out her if you are interested in a women-centric community!)
I have long wanted to update how to describe what New Leaf 🌱 does.... so now I am taking that leap.
Have you seen the new info in my profile bio? I am all about representing YOU - as your personal, dedicated agent. I become part of your team.....and am in your corner. New Leaf can be a visible or invisible part of that equation.
In either case, I will be guiding, strategizing, negotiating... handling the heavy lifting with joy and expertise.
In the industry of representation, there are many models- self-representation, speaker management, bureau or agency representation- and each entity handles their work a bit differently. It can be hard to find people willing to open up about their angle on the biz, but I know I will find some resources to share with you. I plan to interview some brave souls in the industry- from all types of entities- and share them here in Insta, to shed some light on how they work.
My hope? That you will begin to see how YOU would like to handle speaking and which form of representation makes sense for you.

That will allow you to breathe more comfortably....don't you think?
Have a lovely Thursday.
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Here she is: My inspiration for what strong, calm, confident, warm, intelligent power looks like. She is part of a vision board I made last week with @jessica_jcr . It was such a fun and freeing exercise. (Time to bring the fun back to work and play a bit...ammiright?)
The palette in her photo is now New Leaf's power palette.
Crisp black and white, accented by warm cream, tomato red and teal. Bammmm! 😎🎯
What would power look like to you? Describe it!
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Time to refresh and renew.... starting with a power palette for New Leaf... inspired by a photo of a woman, confident, strong, natural, intelligent and warm. New Leaf is getting back to its roots....and clarifying its brand.
It has been a hard past 4 mos, no lie- but there is beauty in the deep dive. Back to New Leaf and its earliest beginnings in 2001, when it was just me and an idea to be of service to my friend @kevinmitnick.official

He needed someone to be his agent, negotiating on his behalf with his book publisher, so he asked me to stand in on a conference call - to be his agent and represent him for speaking. No experience- just a lot of willingness to try and a desire to not let him down. Nearly 19 years later, it is a full circle moment. New Leaf has returned to its 'traveling light" roots. COVID-19 be damned. It is back to just me and the support of my good friend and assistant, Jessica. I am still here- always trying - and in the corner of each of my speakers. I am still committed to not letting them down. To reaffirming, backed by now nearly 2 decades of experience, that I am here to stay. ♡
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Very nice article on building your brand by @mitchjoel

Speaker: I have had no luck in getting a speaker bureau to represent me.😎
Me: (Googles speaker's name and finds three videos from 2008 and a website done that same year.😜)
Also me: You might want to sit down for this.

Working in the speaking industry?

Trying to navigate our new professional landscape?
Well, you're invited to a private webinar next Wed June 17 at 3pm ET - led by Rice University Business Prof & Best Selling Author, @scottharrison

More info via link

This message, attributed to Brian Alcorn, really touched our team and provided a beautiful and much appreciated shift to our perspective. Here's hoping, even for a moment, we can pass some of that solace on.

Stay safe, stay well.
#SocialDistancing #COVID19 #InItTogether

A bit of good news from @ScottSonenshein in these trying times.
Check out his data-driven article attesting to humanity's innate resilience in times of crisis. #HealthyAtHome #CoronaVirus #SilverLinings #Resilience

From our Founder, Amy Gray:

Sharing calm.
Each morning, there is a new Daily Calm, a free 10 minute guided meditation. This morning, I put it on speakerphone, and just sat at my kitchen table, and followed along.…

Low tech path to personal well-being? YES PLEASE. Congrats on the launch of @getmadefor
@pat_dossett and @BlakeMycoskie


Welcome @ScottSonenshein - delighted to have you aboard and to see where your speaking takes you around the globe. You and @MarieKondo have written a timely book that shines a spotlight of joy into the workplace. Bravo!

Ok, so take a listen and just TRY not to tap or sing along... IF I RULED THE WORLD by client @milckmusic (Connie Lim).
She dreams about the world she wants in the most sincere and humbly beautiful way. "TED talks at halftime"? SIGN. US. UP. #MILCK