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Who is with you on the road?Last night, I was looking over my clients' week ahead next week.I was noticing how busy they would be.Where they were flying in and out of cities....driving (or being driven)......where they were sleeping.....what time they were speaking......I was looking for gaps.Looking for where they were not yet taken care of.When I spotted a gap, I looked to fill it.Fix it.Moving on once resolved.I want to ensure my clients feel our support.......where we have spotted gaps and filled them. Or maybe the best part is when they don't notice there was a gap...because we anticipated a need and filled it before they felt the discomfort.Smooth experiences are intentional.What looks or feels easy is often the result of intense effort.Where in life, at home or work, can you anticipate a gap and fill it?Maybe the gap is emotional- maybe someone you care about needs a word of support or appreciation? Say it.Maybe the gap is one of planning. Budget time and stick to your commitment. Come hell or high water.Maybe the gap is one of dreaming. You need a bigger or different dream for yourself - to reach your highest impact in your life. Make time for that dreaming.Train yourself to spot the gaps.One by one...fill them.Happy Wednesday.- Amy ... See MoreSee Less
Great article today in the @nytimes - about artisan shoe revolutionary, Silvio Campa, Chief Executive at Golden Goose. Link in profile. On the surface, it is about sustainability- repair, reuse in fashion vs. the throw away culture that has built massive landfills. Dig deeper and it is about some core tenets that are dear to New Leaf and our trailblazing clients' ethos.Taking care of clients in a manner that builds trust and affection. In a world that can feel impersonal and cold, don't we all want to feel special, noticed, cared for?If your client feels cared for, seen and valued, they will return. Simple. Powerful.If you read the article, let me know what you think.#teamnewleaf #kindness #customized #newleaf #inhouse #expertspeakinginvitationmanagement #turnkey #warmth #custom #speaker #speaking ... See MoreSee Less

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New Leaf Speaker Management
New Leaf office opening soon in Marblehead- after a 2+ year WFH hiatus.Hallelujah! Open house planned for early Fall.... with celebratory cocktails and mocktails definitely in order.- Amy Gray, Alf Wilson and Jessica Riesenbeck🌱Internet superhighway going in on Friday afternoon.🌱New carpet installed.🌱Alf and our new Logistics Assistant, Michael* are nearly complete on the office painting. (*not pictured- so we had Cooper stand in)🌱Two new legal eagles hired, Melinda and Jennifer, to get our contracting process smoooooooth and efficient....and knock out our 17(!) accepted offers.....and counting.🌱New branding initiative underway- with a reveal planned in September.Excited and grateful.Very happy to be back in a BIG way. ... See MoreSee Less
"Be your own PR."I heard that in my meeting last week with The Collective- a group of superstar entrepreneurs who work in complementary fields to the work New Leaf does. We meet 1x a month via Zoom.Great wisdom As entrepreneurs, we often forget to pause and reflect on all we accomplish - we just keep grinding on, like the Energizer Bunny.So, perhaps you can pause and reflect on how hard you worked this week? How much you actually did get done?How much intensity, creativity, goodwill, sheer tenacity you poured into your work?And celebrate that. Seriously! And so I am. - 1 dream client asked for a proposal by Mon on working together 🙌🏻- 7 offers being negotiated 💰- 5 contracts to draft💫- 3 contracts issued✏- 1 new firm offer PDF template created🛼- 7 applicants for my two job openings moved to next round of screening.👊👊👊👊👊👊👊- Office rental negotiations nearing completion - and renovations being quoted, finalized and scheduled.🌱- 12 new inquiries handled 🤞And a MASSIVE thank you to my personal hype team of @jess_riesenbeck@alfrede.wilson. You two prop me up, keep me fed and caffeinated, get me out into the sunshine, listen, offer wisdom and acknowledgement. I could not do so much without you both. THANK YOU.🙏🏼😊 ... See MoreSee Less
Tearing it up in New Mexico yesterday- and the crowd loved @hamish_brewer - great work, Hamish!! Did you know that Hamish has 3 speeches to offer?RELENTLESS His signature talk- aimed squarely at the Education sector and consistently a 5/5 rating when we follow up with each host! Disrupting the educational norm....and changing lives, one educator, one child at a time. This is a blockbuster and can be customized to weave in issues important to your audience.RELENTLESS LEADERSHIP What it takes to be a leader today, facing the changes, capitalizing on the opportunities and turning around stagnant or toxic work environments.From classrooms to boardroomsFrom teachers to top executives Hamish's Relentless Principles offer concrete proven guidelines to guide you in your leadership journey.RELENTLESS INSPIRATIONHamish's shares his journey of growing up in New Zealand amidst poverty, drugs, and family struggle-- and then falling in love with extreme sports, travel and education as bridges to a better life. As a global speaker, best-selling author and consultant to businesses in New Zealand and the USA, his story will remind you of what YOU are capable of and inspire you to be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.Go Hamish! So proud of you and your messages of resilience, motivation and relentlessness.#HamishBrewer #relentless #speaker #motivation #education #keynote #leadership #inspiration ... See MoreSee Less


Excited that @thisisjumpcut has partnered with @hourglass_nft to help unleash the community’s creativity & (hopefully) make an animated series together. Personally thrilled to see Ashoka, the great Indian king, represented among the characters. Public mint

I am honored to be joining HFPA (@goldenglobes) to support their committed work around celebrating human value and equity.

Joy@Work Wednesdays with client Scott Sonenshein:

Q: Who is Joy at Work perfect for?

A: Someone who needs to move from a mindset of misery to one of peace and......dare we say it? BLISS.



Ahhhhh........ some ideas we can get behind..... Thanks @ScottSonenshein via @chaptersindigo

You are on to something.
Go for it with gusto.
Screw normal.
I will try the idea that terrifies me.
I will be brave.
I will not be embarrassed that I care so much about my clients and how they are doing ...not just about their speaking..but how they are doing overall.

This. Is. Beautiful. Text of the full gorgeous letter is here:

Pioneering free-thinkers welcome...

Baking up some insight on speaking commission strategy....PIE, anyone?
PS: What is your favorite type of pie? Mine: Tie: Warm homemade raspberry with vanilla icecream, or swap in strawberry rhubarb....