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February vacation week, complete! Here are my 3 tips for a positive re-entry:1. Don't jump into email until 1 hour into the day. Instead: Review the week ahead calendar and create a list of known priorities. 2. Talk a 15 min walk outside just before sitting down - even if it is chilly! The natural sunlight helps regulate your sleep cycle and gives you a little boost of activity to get your blood moving.3. Think of one person who touched your heart during your break. Jot down a short note of gratitude and pop it in the mail while out on that walk. Being in a state of reflection and gratitude is a wonderful way to begin your week (In my case, I am writing to Sheila and George who run the Rumney Village Store-- where we bought necessities and the most delicious mini buttermilk pecan pies and freshly baked wheat bread.....oh and they brewed us fresh coffee. 🙏) ... See MoreSee Less
A thank you letter to an extraordinary human: Well, we are wrapping up our family's February break - and I was able to take a true winter vacation with only 1 bit of emergency work. This was thanks to the daily grace of my virtual assistant extraordinaire @jess_riesenbeck ❤Thank you, Jess, for all you do to keep things moving every day- from winnowing down my in-box, sending out pricing, following up on leads, checking dates with our clients, troubleshooting the mysteries of the MA Dept of Revenue and the SAMS grant site-- and that is just this week. You are a gift and I appreciate you! Looking forward to catching up next week. ... See MoreSee Less
I fundamentally believe this. Do you? The clients, partners and employees I have most enjoyed working with over the years are those fundamentally motivated by kindness. I think it is important to know what is important to you......and what is not. Kindness, to me, is as essential as breathing. What is your most essential quality?Do you look for this in your business partners?Clients?Employees?I would love to know!-Amy ... See MoreSee Less
This week has seen some wonderful developments. Following a path of breadcrumbs toward what I am meant to be doing. Trusting my crazy ideas and figuring things out as I go.Some highlights:- Worked with Olympic superstar, Katie Hoff, @kthoff7, who was introduced to me by @jesseitzler She took a brave leap of faith into confident self representation for speaking. AGENCIES: Book her to talk about tapping into your 'deep down gear.' 2x Olympian, 3x Olympic Medalist. Yep. She is a fountain of knowledge and motivation. -Wrapping up a several months long negotiation for a virtual appearance at DEF CON China and issued a firm offer for that booking. -Got the footage of @scott.sonenshein speaking virtually for Target Corp last month- SO GOOD! He is on 🔥 Book him for a 2-fer: STRETCH (which is all about the power of resourcefulness in lean times) and Joy at Work, especially when working remotely.....#somanyofus-Worked on 3 more reschedules--- pushing spring appearances to spring 2022-Got hired to help a dear friend and incredible speaker and coach write her presentation descriptions and bio. She speaks to the power of love to transform business from the inside out. #paidwritingismydreamcometrue-With @jess_riesenbeck leading the charge, we took several more steps forward in the process of getting ready for the grant program. It's being offered by the SBA and targeting help for, among other industries, talent representatives who's businesses have been steamrolled to a pancake. #notthemostfunwehaveeverhad-Got the news that our 1st round PPP was 100% forgiven. (Will admit I cried a little when I opened that email- huge relief)and-In the home stretch for a possible double booking for our fabulous @aimeemullins in April or May....(she just did a stupendous Fireside Chat virtual appearance for a global banking conference in January and it has generated a rush of inquiries for her- GO AIMEE!) ... See MoreSee Less
Follow your heart......toward what draws you in. Speak about what you find there. Invite us in. Place us in your boat with you. Share it all.The luminous.The mysterious.The dark.The imperfections.The drift.The light.The gentle flow toward unknown destinations. The comedy.The peaks.The hidden valleys.Your life.Speak from your heart.####speak#art#speaking#representation#speakermanagement🎨 by me ... See MoreSee Less


Joy@Work Wednesdays with client Scott Sonenshein:

Q: Who is Joy at Work perfect for?

A: Someone who needs to move from a mindset of misery to one of peace and......dare we say it? BLISS.



Ahhhhh........ some ideas we can get behind..... Thanks @ScottSonenshein via @chaptersindigo

You are on to something.
Go for it with gusto.
Screw normal.
I will try the idea that terrifies me.
I will be brave.
I will not be embarrassed that I care so much about my clients and how they are doing ...not just about their speaking..but how they are doing overall.

This. Is. Beautiful. Text of the full gorgeous letter is here:

Pioneering free-thinkers welcome...

Baking up some insight on speaking commission strategy....PIE, anyone?
PS: What is your favorite type of pie? Mine: Tie: Warm homemade raspberry with vanilla icecream, or swap in strawberry rhubarb....

AMPLIFY: How to get noticed and bring in more paid speaking. Full post here:
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