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SPEAKER AS AN ISLAND:An island in the midst of it all.You were born to stand out.It comes naturally to you.People gather at your shores.Admiring.Inspired to dream and maybe rest awhile.Storms blow around you and you remain resolute.Sun shines upon you and you soak it in, feeling the warmth.You don't need an audience, but you welcome one if it gathers.The whole world above you.Yet you are connected underneath the waves to those on the shore.To those on the sea.You are connected.It is all connected.Don't you see?#speakermanagement #speaker#speaking #kindness #kind #giver #adamgrant #speakerrepresentation ... See MoreSee Less
KIND & SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS: Do you feel this combo is wishful thinking or an admirable reality?Do you have a business mind wrapped around a kind core? How does it manifest in the business world? Has kindness been a competitive advantage for you?An Achilles heel?Both?Do you wear your kindness visibly, with pride, or do you cover it up?Why?I would like to schedule a 30 min Zoom discussion about this topic- any interest in joining? Will explore the double-edged sword of kindness in a business setting. Your experiences, Your lessons learned and Your successes are welcome.Please comment or DM if you are interested.#kindness #kind #giver #adamgrant#speaker #advisory #speaking #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation ... See MoreSee Less
WORK OF ART: That is what you are. I mean it.That is what you bring to the world. With your actions. With your art. With your writing. With your speaking.What is your ART?Mine is the Art of Kindness. I would love to know what yours is.This painting is the incredible work of @dinabrodsky - with Light and Airy Preset tuning in Adobe Lightroom.#kindness #kind #giver #adamgrant #speaker #speaking #speakerrepresentation #speakermanagement ... See MoreSee Less
ARE YOU LIKE THIS CLASSIC CAR?I was driving through an industrial neighborhood and found this beauty parked behind a giant stone fabricator shop in Peabody, Massachusetts. What a shame that no one can see this gorgeous vehicle. She's a classic.It reminded me so much about your success as a speaker depends on your visibility. You can have classic content -- insightful, wise content that is evergreen and truly needed, BUT if no one sees it, it does not have the impact. To have impact, you need to be seen. How do you do that?Here are 3 tips:1. Sign up for HARO - Help A Reporter Out and register for alerts relevant to stories being written right now, relevant to your topic areas. This is a very time-sensitive service that could be a key to having yourself cited as a credible expert in your field. If a journalist is on deadline, you may be needed for a phone interview or email response the same day.2. Learn how to write a compelling media pitch to reply to story leads you spot in your HARO alerts. There is an art to this. Google resources or tap into the resources available on the HARO site. Brevity, direct applicability and responsiveness are crucial.3. Volunteer your speaking services GRATIS to the top 3 - 5 stages you would love to speak on - in exchange for footage of your appearance. Where do your primary / target audiences gather? What publications do they read? Do those publications host events? Are there trade associations that cater to your target audience? Research if they have a CFP - call for papers / call for presenters and tailor your proposed talk to what they need -- BUT only if that topic is squarely in your topic wheelhouse. You want to be seen as an expert in your areas of focus vs. diluted/ "I can speak on ANYTHING". You are not looking to be on stage for the EGO, you are looking to be on stage for the IMPACT. The fit between what you can teach and what the audience needs to know is the most essential quality to pitching yourself.#kind #kindness #giver #adamgrant #speaker #speaking #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation ... See MoreSee Less
I am working on my book proposal and have been feeling scared:📍Who am I to write this book?📍Who cares what I have to say?📍Who wants to know what I know?I have not achieved the success one needs to be credible on this topic...... I have failed at many things, many times.Ahhh, but that is where the wisdom comes from- the successes and the failures. And there have been successes.Client successes.Team successes.Life successes.And I realized that most businesses in this country are small businesses like mine.And most go out of business. 75% do not make it 10+ years. But we will celebrate 20 years in business on 9.10.21TWENTY YEARS. A company founded in another desperate time- on the actual eve of 9/11. A company still alive.My company.Founded by a then 29 year old with:No inheritance.No representation experience.No family financial support.No idea what I was doing.Convinced I was an entrepreneur.Convinced that operating in a manner that was calm, capable, kind would prevail.And while my approach has been criticized, ridiculed,eye-rolled to my face, undermined,I have doubled down on kindness instead of abandoning it.And now I am writing a book to provide a clarion call to other aspiring entrepreneurs who doubt their ability to make it, because they are:- Introverted- Kind- Compassionate- Generous- Too 'nice'- Empathetic- QuietI am rooting for you. And I know it won't be easy,But I believe it will be worth it.Come on, Friend.Let's do this.#kindness #kind #giver #adamgrant #power #Leader #entrepreneur #FOUNDER #speaker #writer #nonfiction #honeyandmarrow #followyourheadandyourheart ... See MoreSee Less


Joy@Work Wednesdays with client Scott Sonenshein:

Q: Who is Joy at Work perfect for?

A: Someone who needs to move from a mindset of misery to one of peace and......dare we say it? BLISS.



Ahhhhh........ some ideas we can get behind..... Thanks @ScottSonenshein via @chaptersindigo

You are on to something.
Go for it with gusto.
Screw normal.
I will try the idea that terrifies me.
I will be brave.
I will not be embarrassed that I care so much about my clients and how they are doing ...not just about their speaking..but how they are doing overall.

This. Is. Beautiful. Text of the full gorgeous letter is here:

Pioneering free-thinkers welcome...

Baking up some insight on speaking commission strategy....PIE, anyone?
PS: What is your favorite type of pie? Mine: Tie: Warm homemade raspberry with vanilla icecream, or swap in strawberry rhubarb....

AMPLIFY: How to get noticed and bring in more paid speaking. Full post here:
#speaking #representyourself #paidspeaking #amplify

Very nice article on building your brand by @mitchjoel