You need an APPROACH TO REPRESENTATION that preserves your freedom to work with all entities, yet doesn’t add burdens to you or your staff.  You want in-house capability to manage your speaking invitations your way.  That’s what we do.  We are turnkey experts in managing in-bound speaking inquiries for modern leaders and have more than two decades of experience.  Operating under private label or publicly via our site.  Your choice, your way.    

influence &

You thrive at the intersection of influence and positive impact.  It shows in your personality, corporate focus, the way you treat people, your personal brand, published content, and your authentic voice when speaking.  You inspire people to learn, grow, and be the best version of themselves.  You build sustainable businesses, write best-sellers, champion worthy causes, and gather huge audiences.  You dream massive dreams and you achieve them.

You Are
Not Traditional

Most people follow the path of least resistance, the traditional way, the well-worn rut carved by others.  You are not like most people.  Others follow your lead.  The obstacles placed in your way become launchpads.  You create opportunities where others see dead ends.  You eat challenge for breakfast.  You pride yourself on your independence, work-ethic, creative mind and proven results.  You are a trailblazer and non-conformist.

Amy Gray, Jessica Riesenbeck and Alf Wilson

resource and a relief for your staff

We handle the full spectrum of speaking requests, from direct inquiries to invitations from speaker bureaus and agencies.  We integrate seamlessly with your existing staff and become a trusted, virtual extension of it. In our experience, your existing staff will be delighted to have us aboard. Many have been juggling their full-time workload in addition to the responsibilities that relate to your speaking work.  For example:

  • Your VP of Marketing can now focus more on strategic marketing and step out of email response.
  • Your Chief of Staff can return to management of the team and step out of the role of bureau and agency liaison.
  • Your executive assistant can fully focus on supporting you and step out of the role of website updates regarding your speaking work.
  • Your Head of PR can focus on cultivating influencer and press relationships and step out of the role of pricing and negotiation.

We know how hard it is to handle speaking invitations on top of existing roles and responsibilities and our aim is to be supremely helpful to all.  We acknowledge the hard work they’ve done and gladly keep them informed of our activities.  Our work takes the burden off your team’s shoulders and allows them to focus on work that lights them up.

If you want to continue utilizing your employees for the in-house management of your speaking work, and ensure they have the benchmarks and tools to excel in this space, be sure to sign up for more information on The School for Self-Representation, coming soon.  See below.

Dream Big and Dare to Fail


We’ve been working collaboratively with bureaus and agencies for more than twenty years.  We know what delights them and what makes them avoid bringing invitations to you.  Even if you are already inundated with speaking invitations and don’t seek additional offers from the bureau or agency network, we ensure that your positive goodwill is maintained with this important group.   We are active members of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, not because we are a bureau or agency (we are not), but because we know that a productive working rapport with this group benefits everyone.

In addition, we know the ‘good eggs’ from the ‘bad actors.’  We defend our clients’ speaking fee integrity and successfully arbitrated against a major player in the speaking industry that we caught skimming tens of thousands of dollars in unauthorized commissions from our clients’ bookings.  It took nearly three years and tens of thousands in legal fees, but we prevailed and successfully defended our clients’ interests.  We have cultivated a list of more than five hundred agents worldwide – all based at reputable bureaus and agencies. If you want to increase or decrease invitations from this group, we can craft the appropriate proactive outreach and commission strategy for you.

the modern alternative to traditional representation for speaking.

Our clients get the best of both worlds:  In-house, dedicated speaking industry savvy without increasing overhead or adding management responsibilities for their existing team.  We adore treating others with care, professionalism and sincere connection. We get a deep thrill out of paying close attention and are big proponents of creating joy and ease for all those we work with.  Our work is to know what lights you up, cultivate opportunities that align with those areas, and shield you from situations that distract you from your priorities.  We make you look amazing, because you ARE amazing.

Your inquiries handled your way. 
The internet has made it possible to directly hear from those who want to extend speaking invitations, partner with you, learn from you and buy from you. The demand comes straight at you through social media, your site and email.  It is exciting and also overwhelming.  The folks who traditionally managed this demand were publishers, speaker bureaus and talent agencies. As specialists in negotiation, protecting your brand, and advocating for what is important to you, their work was vital.

The need for those skills is still strong…… but for people like you, the need has shifted:  You want those skills in-house.  You expect transparency around what is happening with those inbound inquiries.
You want to know the financial big picture, not just what is written in your contract. You want to know what the buyer / event host is signing. You get that and more when you align with New Leaf.

Amy Gray and Jessica Riesenbeck

Amy Gray, Founder, Jessica Riesenbeck, Director, Special Projects, and Alf Wilson, Strategic Advisor and Co-Owner

You need a powerful ally, advocate and industry expert on your team.

That’s the work New Leaf does and it has been our priority for more than two decades.  We show up every day for you. We believe in you and your work.  Your objectives become our own.  What is important to you is important to us.  We pay attention.  We listen.  We act in support of your priorities.  We offer our expertise and recommendations and then we step back, to allow allow you to make your own decisions on which invitations to accept or decline.  Without pressure.

We have dream jobs and are fired up every day to do meaningful, important work.

If you are currently an exclusive client of a bureau or agency and moving to in-house representation:
We will handle the move in a gracious and professional manner.  Transitions can be uncomfortable and our emphasis on kindness, tact and warmth helps ensure a smooth pivot. Many of our clients have previously been represented by top-notch bureaus and agencies and we want to preserve positive working relationships for the benefit of all involved.  Graceful transitions are a specialty of ours.  The proof?  We continue to receive offers and inquiries for speaking work from the full network of agencies and bureaus – even those that used to directly represent our clients.  We honor the effort that has gone into our clients’ speaking work to date and operate from a place of goodwill, kindness and respect.

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COMING SOON: The School for Self-Representation

coming soon: THE School for self-representation

For those who want to train their direct reports on how to manage their speaking work, or assess how well their staff currently handles these activities, New Leaf is developing ‘The School for Self-Representation’ that will offer modules on the fundamentals to world-class, self-representation for speaking.

We are developing elite training, benchmarking and audit tools designed to ensure your in-house team operates in an effective and world-class manner.  This service is designed specifically for speakers and their direct-report staff.  We envision a virtual course with some key live elements.  In addition, if there is sufficient interest, we’ll develop some in-person training classes.  Use our link above to get on our list and learn about the details before we launch to the general public.