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Woz Invitations

Woz Invitations

Amy Gray, smiling, is standing next to Steve Wozniak who is smiling.

Photo: Amy Gray and Woz

You benefit when you present your speaking invitation to Woz through New Leaf
We love working with Woz.  He’s a kind, brilliant man and he truly enjoys meeting audiences around the globe.  We know what he likes, what he doesn’t, and what hosts can do to ensure he delivers an incredible appearance for their audience.  We directly managed Woz’s speaking work for 13.5 years, from 2006 to 2020.  Woz remains a pleased former client – with lots of mutual goodwill between us and in our continued work together.  We know what it takes to get to ‘Yes!’  Write to for more information on how we can assist you with your direct booking invitation.

Here are the top three reasons why it makes sense to utilize New Leaf to invite Woz to speak at your event:

No Price Difference
You are quoted the exact same speaking fee whether you approach Steve’s office directly with an invitation or utilize our expert services. Our negotiation skills and expertise from our long work history with Woz are free to you.  We help you tailor your offer and increase your chance for acceptance.  The fee for our services is paid directly by Woz’s office and they set the rate we are paid for our work.
You Have An Agent Dedicated to Working on Your Behalf
We keep the event hosts’ and production companies’ interests foremost in mind.  Steve’s speaking work is now managed in-house and his team is duty-bound to prioritize Steve’s best interests while still considering the host’s needs as well. By utilizing New Leaf, we make sure that your needs, as the event host, are our top priority.  Both parties have expert assistance and deep, relevant experience.  That balanced approach results in a very fair arrangement that meets all parties’ needs.  Woz’s office and New Leaf have an excellent long-term working relationship. The person in charge of Woz’s speaking work spent eight years at New Leaf prior to joining Woz’s in-house staff, so we have thousands of hours of shared, positive work history together.
Depth of Knowledge After 15+ Years of Experience in Booking Woz
We regularly bring direct invitations to Woz for speaking appearances and have a 100% acceptance rate on all reasonable offers made for dates available on his calendar.  After handling thousands of inquiries for Steve over the years and negotiating several hundred deals, we know his speaking work very well.  New Leaf helps hosts expertly tailor their offer to Woz to greatly increase their chances of success. We know what it takes to get to “Yes” as swiftly as possible – which saves you valuable time and money.
Some of the Entities We’ve Booked Woz to Speak For
  • Pendulum Summit
  • IBM
  • The University of Southern Indiana Foundation
  • WOBI (10+ times over the years)
  • Highpoint University
  • Credit Suisse
  • The Nordic Business Summit
Speakers Bureau or Speakers Agency Contacts

Commissioned agents should directly contact for current pricing and co-broker commission rates. 

Read how Steve Wozniak and other associates of New Leaf feel about our work on our testimonial page.