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For You

For You

I am writing directly to you. You landed here on purpose.
You are one h#ll of an individual. Powerful, influential, strong, sought after. In the public eye.

You are also deeply good. This trait surprises people- especially since there are many in power who disappoint in person. Your power has revealed that your essence is GOOD.

You show this depth of goodness in a variety of ways- how you advise, launch, care, build, generate, teach, write, speak. Your goodness is not offered for glory or fame. It is done because it forms the DNA of who you are and who you constantly reinvent yourself to be.

We work side by side with you and your team.

We are a virtual extension of it.
We handle the paid speaking work you do for a variety of reasons – reasons as unique as you are.

Maybe you speak once a year and say no in a million polite ways because speaking is not a major part of your work.
Maybe not right now. Maybe not ever.
Maybe you speak many times a year.
Your reasons for saying ‘yes’ to speaking are highly personal.

Maybe you do it because:
– it is an insanely powerful platform. A megaphone to speak with the world.
– it drives millions to causes you cherish.
– your message is just what is needed at this point in history. In this climate. In this economy. In this industry. In exactly this situation.

No matter what your reasons, we learn about you.

We are as picky as you are. Really.
And we bring more than 18 years in this business (and ten years in the business of ‘buying’ paid speakers’ services) to bear for YOU….. to help guide and advise you on this one piece of your brilliantly inspiring, sometimes exhausting, always changing life.

We are not a speakers agency.
We are not a speakers bureau.
You can work with all of them. Or none.
Let’s invent (or reinvent) this aspect of your personal brand. Together. We’ll tell you about all of your options (if you want to know) and help you pick the most YOU way of handling things.

Let’s have a virtual coffee / video call and get this party started.