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We cater to clients in two specific niches: 
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    Pleased former client and New Leaf Alum: Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple, Inc. was managed by New Leaf from 2006-2020.


    Not currently widely known but with a high profile “trigger event” coming up in the next 3-9 months– typically a main-stage TED talk or an upcoming book aimed at the corporate market and released by a major US based publisher.  People in this category need to get set up to handle the bump in visibility so that they don’t miss their rising tide of name recognition and opportunity.


    Very well-known and highly sought after — typically a best-selling author, high profile entrepreneur, educator, actor, musician, or someone who’s work has gone viral and they are suddenly highly visible. Someone who receives frequent invitations to speak because of their established credibility and name recognition.  These clients need someone to help protect their limited time and present opportunities for speaking that mesh well with what lights them up.  Typically, there will be far more polite and humble declines of opportunities than acceptances, so we end up being the kind bearer of the ‘No’ in many situations.  Furthermore, we can work with these clients in a public manner (via our site) or private label (under their URL).  Clients in this category can choose how visible or invisible New Leaf is in handling their work..

While our management services are by direct invitation or network referral only, we can still be very helpful.

We developed the advisory call / video options you see at this link.  We offer straight talk to speakers who are looking for trusted, agenda-free guidance on their options.  For most, a single well-placed call or video-conference session gets them set up with the steps they need to take in the next 6-12 months.
Current clients:

Alumni – each client below worked with New Leaf for more than a decade.

Looking to hire these individuals to speak at your event? Put our insider information and deep familiarity with their content to work for you. Extend your speaking invitation through New Leaf:

Private Label Clients, Colleagues & Advisory Clients (listed with their permission)