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You, yes Y-O-U

You don’t do things the way they’ve always been done.  You forge your own path and it has paid off.

Nice to meet you.
Like you, we do things a bit differently.  We are about depth of effectiveness and lightening your load.  Do you want to the management of paid speaking to be elegantly simple?  A joy and not a chore?  Something that lights you up?  Profitable? Fun?

Great.  So do we.  After nearly twenty years of representing extraordinary individuals, we are crystal clear on why we are in business and who we are excited to work with in the decades to come.

We are devoted to those who thrive at the intersection of power and goodness.
Our clients are both powerful AND deeply good humans.

You see the “+” in various combinations of their personality, corporate focus, individual brand, published content &/or speaking work.

Many convert their success into powerful philanthropy.

They connect with people and move the world forward.
They build profitable businesses, write best-sellers, gather huge audiences and dream massive dreams.

And they achieve them.

We are here to help them in that aim by guiding and advising them on their paid speaking work.
We view speaking as a highly important extension of the amazing work they do in the world.
Whether they do one appearance per year or seventy.
We help clients identify WHY they accept speaking work so that together we can choose the BEST opportunities.
We are their highly personal alternative to traditional bureau or agency representation.

Say “Hello!” by reaching out to us at  We look forward to hearing from you.

Our primary business is exclusively managing all the paid speaking work for our roster of clients – setting strategy with them, handling all of their negotiations, outreach to bureaus and agencies, setting pricing, terms, etc.  We are small on purpose due to the in-depth nature of our work for each client and our belief that personalized attention to detail is not scalable.

For someone to find a possible solid match between what they need and what we offer as a management firm, they will typically fall into one of these two categories:

    Not currently widely known but with a high profile activity coming up in the next 3-9 months– typically a main-stage TED talk on a topic that would appeal to a business audience, an upcoming book with a major US based publisher and focused on a topic of high interest to a business audience, or a recently appointed business school professor in a well-known academic institution in the US.  People who are in this category need to get set up to handle the bump in visibility so that they don’t miss their rising tide of name recognition and opportunity.
    Very well-known and highly sought after — typically a best-selling author, high profile entrepreneur, educator, actor, musician, someone who’s content or work has suddenly gone viral and they are suddenly in a high visibility situation, etc.  Someone who has people frequently reaching out to invite them to speak, by virtue of their already established credibility and name recognition.  People in this category typically need someone to help protect their limited time and present opportunities for speaking that mesh well with what lights them up.  Typically, there will be far more polite and humble declines of opportunities than acceptances, so we end up being the kind bearer of the ‘No’ in many situations.
Because of our boutique nature, we are not in a position to extend management services to most folks who reach out to us, yet we can still be very helpful.  The vast majority of folks who reach out to us don’t need speaker management services – but they think they do, based on what they know about how the paid speaking business works.
So, we developed the advisory call / video options you see at this link.  Through those 1:1 advisory efforts, we are able to help deserving non-profits AND give straight talk advice to those who are wondering about how to accomplish the objectives listed at that link.  Check it out and see if it might be helpful for you.  For most, a single well-placed call or video gets them set up with the steps they need to take in the next 6-12 months since we focus 100% on addressing their biggest challenge or opportunity with regard to paid speaking in that session.
For some, it may involve grounding themselves in a deeper understanding of how the business of paid speaking works in the US market.  If you need to sort out how to better handle your paid speaking work, we hope you’ll consider investing in yourself.  We look forward to meeting you on a future call or video-session.  Drop us a line at and we’ll get you started.