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Ethan Oswald: Swiss Army Knife

Ethan joined the New Leaf team in February of 2019.  From his position, he is a veritable Swiss Army Knife assisting and spearheading projects in both the operational and logistical realms.

Leading up to his arrival into the speaker industry, Ethan held a variety of roles in a slew of different industries.  If his face looks familiar then maybe he’s served you a drink at one of Burlington’s local pubs or maybe you recognize him from the role he played in overhauling your hospital’s medical software connectivity.  There’s also the offhand chance that he’s talked you through your car insurance payment, trimmed/cut your Christmas tree, stocked your grocery shelves, and even delivered your ice at the Washington County (NY) Fair.

Growing up on in rural upstate New York on a small farm, in a three-generation household, and with three brothers, Ethan is not a stranger to hard work.  With this foundation, coupled with his inquisitive disposition, there is no job too small or too complex for him to undertake.  If you need your floors swept, your IKEA furniture assembled, or your eight-figure international sale and contract negotiation facilitated – Ethan is your man.

A 2014 graduate from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont with a degree in History and Philosophy, Ethan couldn’t stay away from his college neighborhood for long.  In 2015 he happily returned to the Burlington, Vermont area and is happily declaring it “home.”

In his free time, Ethan loves to explore the natural beauty of Vermont, lose himself in a good book, and spend time with his girlfriend.  As an avid and faithful sports fan, Ethan has expended untold amounts of emotional currency on his Knicks, Mets, and Bills.  He remains hopeful that one day his gains will surpass his losses.