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Victoria Jackson

Entrepreneur, Cosmetics Pioneer, Medical Research Catalyst, 2017 Inductee to the National Women's Hall of Fame, Author and Philanthropist


Victoria Jackson

Entrepreneur, Cosmetics Pioneer, Medical Research Catalyst, Author & Philanthropist and 2017 Inductee to the National Women’s Hall of Fame

“With the power of love and intention, anything is possible.”

“When women embrace self-confidence, they learn the key to success.  Liking who they are in the mirror is a powerful first step in that transformative process.”

Victoria’s professional career began as a makeup artist and for thirteen years, she cultivated a name for herself in that highly competitive field and was the ‘go to’ professional for high profile celebrity clients.

As Founder and CEO of the global brand, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, Victoria revolutionized the beauty industry with a more natural approach to makeup that championed the intrinsic beauty of every woman. She pioneered a new way to sell makeup when her cosmetics line became the first ever marketed on television. Victoria Jackson Cosmetics went on to become an international sales powerhouse, generating more than half a billion dollars in sales and serving two million loyal customers with more than 600 products.  Victoria personally designed and developed all of her products – ranging from cosmetics to hair care, skincare and beyond.


  • Gloria Steinem Inducting Victoria Jackson into the National Women's Hall of Fame

  • From Mascara to Medicine

  • Victoria Jackson Spotlight on Stem Cell Research

  • Curing NMO from Ali to Mali

  • The NMO Story

  • Window Into the Unknown: The Power of Rare

  • Kathy Najimy interviews Victoria Jackson


Architects of Change: Maria Shriver interviews Victoria Jackson


Victoria is a powerful example of a strong, successful entrepreneur who is warm, funny, eloquent, humble and kind.  As her friend, I know that her story is a true heroine’s journey – and that it is still unfolding.  She is so open about sharing all that she has learned – both the positive and the painful lessons.  She demonstrates great strength and vulnerability, too, as she relates highly personal stories from her ‘against the odds’ life – from a sexual assault in high school that led her to drop out before graduation to the shock of a devastating diagnosis for one of her beloved children, and how that news has transformed her into a major force in the world of medical research and patient education.

If you have the opportunity to host Victoria in your program:  Do it.
Listening to her life will change your own.

Gloria Steinem
Writer, Lecturer, Political Activist, and Feminist Organizer

What can I say about Victoria Jackson?  She has the most incredible combination of heart, intelligence, generosity and courage.  There is truly no one like her and I am blessed to call her my friend.  Her engaging way with words and her warmth mesmerize audiences – I’ve seen it first hand.  Participants are transformed and leave energized to pursue their own unique path to happiness.

Sherry Lansing
Entertainment industry pioneer and the first woman to head a major Hollywood Studio

V​ictoria​ gave an incredible talk​ to our students​. She spoke about her journey as​ an​ entrepreneur​ in the cosmetics industry, and her shift in focus to medicine with the creation of her foundation. ​The students’ response to Victoria stood out for a couple of reasons. First, all of the students lined up to shake her hand and thank her personally on the way out of the class. Second, the next week when the class met, many students, particularly young women, told me how much they loved hearing from her, and that they were inspired by her. Victoria brings a wonderful combination of accomplishment, humility and kindness, and we were lucky to hear her speak.

Laura Fox, Adjunct Professor ​
Philanthropy and Social Impact Course
USC Marshall School of Business

Praise for The Power of Rare: A Blueprint for a Medical Revolution
Victoria Jackson is one of my closest friends and one smart, strong woman……if you read this book, you will learn something and see why I love and admire her so much.

Ellen DeGeneres

The Power of Rare is equal parts science and inspiration.  In her urgent drive to help her daughter, Victoria Jackson not only transformed the competitive world of biomedical research, but also created a new medical model for generations to come.

Arianna Huffington

Victoria Jackson has been an endless source of inspiration to me.  Through the power of a mother’s love, she has transformed the competitive world of medical research.  I’m so glad she has shared her blueprint in The Power of Rare so more people can benefit from her tireless efforts.

Reese Witherspoon

I have watched for a decade as Victoria Jackson has been funding and creating circles instead of hierarchies and has brought about a new and unprecedented collaboration between NMO researchers, drug companies not prone to collaboration and otherwise isolated patients.

Gloria Steinem

It takes either desperation or inspiration to transform vision into reality.  The Power of Rare is the gripping story of how Victoria Jackson drew from the desperation to save her daughter from a life-threatening illness and used inspiration to create a revolutionary blueprint for curing rare and common diseases alike.

Tony Robbins

The Power of Rare is as much a book about rare leadership as it is a true story of how one mother, with no background in health or medicine, has built a global movement to cure a life-threatening rare disease that impacts every nation of this earth.  Her blueprint should be studied by all leaders as we come together solve diseases – rare and common alike.

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
President of the Republic of Mali

In the last decade, neuromyelitis optica has evolved from being unknown to being a Rosetta stone in the understanding of autoimmune disease.  In the Power of Rare, Victoria Jackson tells how she catalyzed this transformation by forging a community of medical and scientific allies to change thinking and solve problems.  The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation has connected individual, institutional and national agendas to forge good will and collaboration to help patients.  Through optimism, intellect, commitment and vision, she and her team have sped effective treatments and created a pathway to eventual cures.

Dr. Brian Weinshenker
MD, FRCP(C), Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic

Praise for Saving Each Other: A Mother Daughter Love Story:
As a woman, mother, and close friend of the authors, I find this story deeply moving on so many levels.  The work that I’ve seen Victoria, Ali and the Foundation undertake has been extraordinary, especially in bringing doctors together to share ideas and create a dialogue that wasn’t there before.  As their experts grow closer to finding better, more effective treatments for this diseae, they can open the door for solutions to many other diseases– and that’s just incredible.

Reese Witherspoon

I once said that life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear.  Saving Each Other is about a pathway where two women face their greatest fears and experience their deepest desires together as they take on an incurable disease.  It’s quickly obvious this disease is no match for the powerful combination of a mother’s love and devotion with a child’s hope, determination and will.  You will be moved and inspired as you go on a journey with these two extraordinary women and find newfound courage within yourself.

Anthony Robbins
Best-selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker and peak performance expert

The unstoppable power of these two extraordinary women is an unforgettable and inspirational experience you will carry in your heart forever.

Dustin Hoffman

Any parent or child will be moved and inspired by this story of how love and dedication can conquer pain and fear; a vivid reminder that there is nothing more powerful and enduring than the bond of mother and daughter.

Rob Lowe


Fireside Chat Format

Victoria offers a highly personalized 60 minute ‘chat’ between herself and your chosen moderator.  Victoria, New Leaf and a contact from the your organization will brainstorm a customized list of 20-25 thought-provoking questions that exactly address the needs of your audience.

  • What do your attendees most want to know?
  • What insights or topics will they find deeply useful and inspiring?
  • What have they always wanted to understand, but have been afraid to ask?

Victoria is candid, funny, warm and open in her answers.   A sample list of topical areas is below – but feel free to approach us with your ideas, too.  Victoria is happy to consider them.

Topical areas

Victoria’s broad personal and professional experiences provide a wealth of wisdom in the areas of:

Personal Development

  • Writing your unique success story
  • Why veering off the beaten path can create the most incredible opportunities
  • Confidence building and how it is a life-long process
  • Know thyself:  The only true path to happiness
  • Balancing the myriad of roles you have in life and being kind to yourself when you can’t do it all…at least not all at the same time
  • Channeling your energy from despair to productivity in the face of heartbreakingly bad news
  • How confidence begins with liking who you see in the mirror
  • Recognizing that everyone struggles with self-doubt, fear, & anxiety – Victoria can share stories of some incredible opportunities she missed due to these limitations – and how she learns from it each time it happens
  • Full circle moments and why they are crucial to building the next generation of kind and accomplished leaders
  • Why a lack of formal education is not a barrier to success and a happy life
  • The bond between a mother and her children and, in particular, in the face of a heartbreaking diagnosis

Non-Profit / Philanthropy

  • Creating a non-profit entity to champion a cause you believe in – even if your funds are tight
  • Paying your success forward
  • Full circle moments and why they are crucial to building the next generation of kind and accomplished leaders


  • Cultivating your personal brand
  • How to accomplish seemingly impossible goals
  • Bootstrapping your dreams
  • Focusing on ‘meaning’ vs. ‘money’ as a path to success

Medical Research

  • How research into rare disease is unlocking the secrets of all autoimmune disorders
  • How a new model for medical research has accelerated progress toward a cure for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO)
  • Enhancing collaboration and cooperation among ‘would be’ competitors
  • Building a world-class research foundation in record time
  • Applying the lessons learned in the business world to the funding and sharing of world-class medical research

Presentation (available March 2018)

Session length:  45-60 minutes
The presentation will be 45 minutes long and the optional Q&A portion offers an additional 15 minutes.

Wonder, Wandering, and ‘Why Not?’:  The powerful combination for creating your rare and beautiful life

Join us to hear Victoria Jackson, iconic cosmetics entrepreneur and four time author, turned medical researcher and ‘mom on a mission,’ as she shares how these elements led her off the beaten path to create her own uniquely rare, life road map.  She invites you to do the same and tap into your ‘Power of Rare.’  Through stories told with humor, humility and wisdom, you will learn about Victoria’s against the odds life- filled with dark valleys and dramatic highs.  She’ll then ask you to turn that knowledge inward and learn to see your challenges through the lens of opportunity.  Victoria will inspire you to pay attention to the clues that can take you off the journey you planned to have… open up vistas, make connections and share experiences you might never have imagined possible.
(exact title and session description may shift as the presentation is created over the next few months)

Victoria’s insights resonate deeply with those who are:

  • Open to serendipity, want to learn to tap into their own gut intuition more deeply and say ‘Yes’ to opportunity more often.
  • Entrepreneurs – or those with entrepreneurial ideas – who long to transform them into reality, but worry they don’t have what it takes, aren’t ready, or can’t compete with the established giants in their industry.
  • From unconventional backgrounds who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere.
  • Trying to balance a myriad of conflicting roles and need a boost of confidence they are doing just fine.
  • Embarking on their life’s journey and feel limited by the traditional metrics for success or feel at a disadvantage when compared to those with have more education, better grades, more connections, personal wealth, or a genius level IQ.


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    Saving Each Other, Vanguard Press, The Perseus Books Grou

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    Make Up Your Life, Cliff Street Books, Harper Collsin

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    Redefining BeautyWarner Books, A Time Warner Company

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    Amy Gray


additional resources

Please visit the link below for a variety of informative videos, valuable resources and a customized app that highlight the important work of The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation specifically for the Neuromyelitis Optica community.

The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation

NMO Resources


Podcasts and Webinars


Victoria Jackson

Behind the Scenes
This collage represents many of the facets of Victoria Jackson’s life.

  • Wrote 4 books – most recently:  THE POWER OF RARE:  A Blueprint For a Medical Revolution
  • Is a 2017 Inductee to the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York
  • Loves the quote “I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus
  • Grew up in California and the succulents and eucalyptus reflect those origins.
  • Adores flowers – particularly gardenias, peonies and roses.
  • Has a strong and loving marriage with Bill Guthy, her spouse for more than 25 years.
  • Has 3 children – Evan, Ali and Jackson- and her role as ‘Mother’ is the one she holds most dear.
  • Is fascinated by the symbolism of the moon and stars – and she and her daughter both wear identical copies of the necklace shown.
  • Received the Courage Award in 2016 from the Stem for Life Foundation for the work done by the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation, which she and her husband founded.  She will speak at the Vatican’s 2018 International Conference on the Progress of Regenerative Medicine and Its Cultural Impact hosted by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture and The Stem For Life Foundation.
  • Founded Victoria Jackson Cosmetics – which achieved more than a half billion dollars in cumulative sales and served over 2 million customers worldwide.
  • Is deeply grateful for the blessings in her life. The word ‘Gratitude’ and the tiny note card of a bird leaving its cage says ‘Thank You.’
  • Honestly shares her struggles with depression, anxiety and low self-confidence – and the prayer beads represent her efforts to soothe herself and others.
  • Has a Buddha statue to remind her to embrace differences and spread love and kindness are essential.  Buddhism is a very grounding philosophy that is all inclusive and welcoming, centered and non-judgmental.
  • Received the Stay True postcard from her daughter in law and believes fully in that message – staying true to who you are and what you bring to the world. You are your own best teacher.
  • Collects vintage makeup compacts – the one shown says “Powder Your Face with Sunshine” and is from 1948.
  • Created the brand ‘Lola’ (Lust Often, Love Always) which was her foray into traditional retail.
  • Founded, with her husband, Bill Guthy, a global medical research foundation dedicated to finding a cure for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO).  The glass globe, centered on the continent of Africa, represents this work.  (Ask Victoria about the connection between Ali and Mali, too.)
  • Believes that her life follows the “2% rule”:  If something has a 2% chance of happening, it will happen to her — both incredibly wonderful things and not so positive things.
  • The candle represents her desire to ignite the fire in others to pursue their own personal brand of happiness.
  • Possesses a deep love of art and color- the colorful dots represent this symbol.
  • The bookmark, created by the National Women’s Hall of Fame contains Victoria’s quote: “With the power of love and intention, anything is possible.”