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You know you have greatness within you. You've learned some painful lessons, some incredible insider information, some survival tips for getting through epic sh*t. Let others in on those secrets, that knowledge, that hope, that fear, that scaffolding that they can build their masterpiece on.
Write the d@mn book.
Speak up.
And for Pete's sake:
The world needs your YOU
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A little bit more. Behind the scenes on the secret sauce that makes us who we are. If you like what you are reading, perhaps you should be client? Or perhaps you should join our team? Either way, get in touch! ... See MoreSee Less

We are just about ready to post our new job description, for a full-time position in our brand-spanking-new office in Burlington Vermont. It's the kind of office that people who own businesses hope to have in the course of their work lives. So excited. Are you the one? Stay tuned! ... See MoreSee Less

It is rare to post about a company's holiday catalog. But the @spanx catalog is different. First: It prominently featured founder @sarablakely and husband @jesseitzler (he has recovered his adult size bow tie after wearing his son, Lazer's, to a wedding last year) and their 4 kids. Awesome! Makes it personal vs just another piece of mail that gets instantly recycled upon delivery.
Second: Sara has a penchant for fries and scrunchies. Both showed up in the product line....☆ Next year....cheez-its? Wine? Knopfler soundtrack?
Third: Look at their daughter- funny, fierce and holding her own. Just like mama.
I seriously admire the heck out of this couple and their heart, their smarts and their cohesiveness. Happy Holidays!
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