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You are loved. This, ultimately, is why I do what I do. For each of the people I come into contact with, personally and professionally, to feel that I notice the little things about them, the things that make them unique. The things that make them tick. And in paying attention to those details, they know that they are loved. Not in the romantic sense-- but in a pure, friendship based, respect based way. #calm #capable #kind #kindnessmatters #kindness #deeplygood #incrediblypowerful #whoathatisdifferent #modernrepresentation #paradigmshift #speaking #speaker #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation #author #writing

Celebrating Michael Schultz's 1 year of full time employment and a total 21 months working at New Leaf overall. Missing Michelle, who is holding down the fort in Marblehead.

3/4 of New Leaf - dinner at Mike's. Thank you! And we missed you, Michelle ♡

Meet the Team at New Leaf Left to right: Michael Schultz, Amy Gray (Founder), Seamus Collins and Michelle Schiowitz. Pleased to meet you. We are a virtual company with home offices in Marblehead MA and Burlington VT- and we manage the speaking work of some incredible people who are both powerful AND deeply good human beings. The best combination. Some are publicly represented by us....and are listed on And some are private label clients who have chosen to keep our work confidential. We have no ego tied up in either option- whatever suits our clients best. Our top priority is ensuring we are a fully trusted virtual extension of our clients' offices- and we handle all of their speaking inquiries with industry expertise, confidentiality and grace. We are not a speakers agency or speakers bureau. More like self-representation "special ops"...😊 We love working with all agencies and bureaus around the globe and we think the feeling is mutual. We welcome their inquiries. Washington Speakers Bureau, The Harry Walker Agency, CAA, WME, Keppler, Lavin, American Program Bureau and Gotham are a few we frequently interact with on inquiries and offers. We also have a soft spot for 'direct inquiries'- when individuals hosting events contact us. Discretion, confidentiality and neutral recommendations on each firm offer we present are hallmarks of our work. No one on our team works on commission -- so there is no pressure to accept any speaking invitation we reply to on our clients' behalf. Hi there. . . . #calm #capable #kind #kindnessmatters #kindness #deeplygood #incrediblypowerful #whoathatisdifferent #modernrepresentation #paradigmshift #speaking #speaker #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation #author #writing

Reminded me of your wisdom, @libbymooregypsytour. ♡

Newport 10 Miler Finisher ♡ Over the past five years- my business skyrocketed and I got married, moved 2x, and became a mom- AND my fitness took a backseat. But I want to be around to see this little peanut grow up, and to be a strong woman, for myself and my husband, Alfred. So, this spring, I began taking walks in the morning and then added a running class that meets on Mondays. I'm still a work-in-progress, but keep this momentum going by signing up for various 5K and 10K's with the goal to simply finish. Yesterday, I laced up my sneakers at 5:15am on a glorious sunny Sunday in Newport Rhode Island and ran/walked a 10 mile race. My strategy was simple: -Wear excellent socks that don't fall down around my heels and drive me crazy, -Wear good sneakers with solid arch support, and a spandex brace on my left knee. -Upbeat Indie music in my ears ALL the way. I used the free S Health app on my Android and plugged in a total of 10 miles with an average of 4 miles per hour. That way it would alert me when I slowed down below 4mph. I would walk a song and then run a song. At mile 5, I started walking on all the hills and running on all the downhills and straightaways. It worked! I finished in two hours and 15 minutes and had no injuries at all. I actually felt pretty great at the end. I was so happy, especially since I had not run more than two miles in a row in more than 5 years. Onward and upward my friends! You can totally do this, too! Massive shout out of respect to @the100mileman who ran 100 miles in 24 hours to impress a fantastic woman and raise $1,000,000 for charity. My hat is OFF. . . . . #calm #capable #kind #kindnessmatters #kindness #deeplygood #good #incrediblypowerful #powerful #whoathatisdifferent #modernrepresentation #paradigmshift #speaking #speaker #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation #author #writing #writer

Get ready for tomorrow......10 miles of jog/walk in the morning.....

I am writing directly to you. You landed here on purpose. You are one h#ll of an individual. Powerful, influential, strong, sought after. In the public eye. You are also deeply good. This trait surprises people- especially since there are many in power who disappoint in person. Your power has revealed that your essence is GOOD. You show this depth of goodness in a variety of ways- how you advise, launch, care, build, generate, teach, write, speak. Your goodness is not offered for glory or fame. It is done because it forms the DNA of who you are and who you constantly reinvent yourself to be. We work side by side with you and your team. We are the virtual extension of your mission. We handle the paid speaking work you do for a variety of reasons – reasons as unique as you are. Maybe you speak once a year and say no in a million polite ways because speaking is not a major part of your work. Maybe not right now. Maybe not ever. Maybe you speak many times a year. Your reasons for saying ‘yes’ to speaking are highly personal. Maybe you do it because: – it is an insanely powerful platform. A megaphone to speak with the world. – it drives millions to causes you cherish. – your message is just what is needed at this point in history. In this climate. In this economy. In this industry. In exactly this situation. No matter what your reasons, we learn about you. We are as picky as you are. Really. And we bring nearly sixteen years in this business to bear for YOU….. to help guide and advise you on this one piece of your brilliantly inspiring, sometimes exhausting, always changing life. We are not a speakers agency. We are not a speakers bureau. You can work with all of them. Or none. Let’s invent (or reinvent) this aspect of your personal brand. Together. We’ll tell you about all of your options (if you want to know) and help you pick the most YOU way of handling things. Let’s have a virtual coffee / video call and get this party started.