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For today.... Onward and upward my friends. . . . . . #revolution #hope #love

The triple bottom line: People, planet, profits. How this translates to our work: PEOPLE We value our relationships with our clients, staff, partners and hosts above all. Human beings are treated with tact, professionalism and kindness. We expect that in return, too. PLANET We choose clients based on their commitment to making the world a more productive, caring, fun, and/or responsible place. We are all on this marble in space together- so those that make the ride worthwhile are high on our list. PROFITS We are excellent negotiators who produce bottom line results- precisely because we emphasize the first two factors FIRST. We believe that profits are a natural extension of our commitment to being deeply good human beings and thoughtful stewards of the content our clients share with the world.

So stoked for @emilycdowell and HER FIRST BOOK..... YEAH! 😍 May it open up further floodgates of opportunity for her and her co-author, Kelsey Crowe.

Amanda Starr Photography sneak peek..... 😎

Which way you gonna go? For me, the answer is UP. Are you coming?

"The hallmark of originality is rejecting the default and exploring whether a better option exists... The starting point is curiosity: wondering why the default exists in the first place." - Adam Grant, Originals

Scenes from a photoshoot held last Thursday..... Upper left, and proceeding clockwise: Michael Schultz, Michelle Schiowitz, Seamus Collins and me (Amy Gray). Hello! We are New Leaf Speaker Management. Nice to meet you.

Don't mistake kindness for weakness. Representation that is both kind AND effective = our sweet spot. Some may say that there is no place for kindness in business. That the world is a cruel place and business is cold. Calculating. Cutthroat. We disagree. You can be kind AND strong. And deeply effective. What do you say? #kindnessmatters #strong #good #speaking #speaker #powerful #blakemycoskie #heathermycoskie #adamgrant #michelleobama #barackobama #simonsinek #amycuddy #ariannahuffington #lizgilbert #stevewozniak #marthabeck #aimeemullins #amandapalmer #whitneyjohnson #sarablakely #the100mileman

Lovely flowers from my husband, expressing good wishes for the retreat we just held. ♡ I married a good one.

Just finished our annual winter retreat with the company team, here in Burlington Vermont. We've decided this is the year to be BOLD. We are swinging for the fences. We've made our #swingforthefences list of 20 folks we would absolutely LOVE to advise and guide with their paid speaking work. Our mission is to find ways to personally connect with each and every one. Not to convince them that we are the right choice. Rather, to introduce them to how we operate, and let them know we are an option. No pushy pitches, just customized approaches and time to percolate. When they are ready, they circle back. We are looking to add one or two folks to the roster. Staying small on purpose allows us to be highly focused and knowledgeable on each person as an individual. That focus is key. What do YOU want to accomplish this year with your work?