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Morning Joe at the donut shop... headed to the office in a few hours. Trying to wake up.....

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!! And a preview of my card this morning which made me laugh out loud. Me: I love it! This looks a lot like me- hey, tell me: what are the brown marks on my teeth? Cooper: Your cavities. Well, actually your fillings on your back teeth. Me: Good observation. What does this say? Cooper: That's awesomer than God. And: No guns. Me: (trying not to laugh, especially since we are not religious) Good points!! And this? Cooper: (reading) Who's in charge? Your in charge! ROCK AND ROLL, YO! ....I love my mom because "she" likes Mario Bros Kart New. (He giggled hysterically while pointing out the quotes around "she" and the Registered trademark symbol he added after Mario Bros.) Me: (Laughing so hard) Is it a point of debate whether I am a "she"??? OMG Cooper! Love him and his sense of humor. Gotta work on his knowledge of what I like. .... ♡

Big day tomorrow for friend and client @aimeemullins - commencement address for Northeastern University. 20,000 expected to hear her-- incredibly proud of all she has done and she is just getting started. Alf and I are honored to be with Aimee and Rupert to see her receive her honorary doctorate. Thanks to @bernpeeps @michschio @michaelwschultz and Seamus for holding down the fort at work so I could attend. #amazingteam

Shout out to our Victoria Jackson (@vj317) - cosmetics entrepreneur turned "Mom on a mission" - who just spoke at the Vatican with @meredithvieira Well done, Victoria! ♡ @guthyjacksonfdn

SHOWING UP. This is how it's done. The gentleman in this photo, Lior Zoref, brought his "A" game to Washington DC. He had been flown there for several preview speeches for Leading Authorities, an investment for both parties. He actively prepared. He listened. He brainstormed creative ways to make his talk more memorable and impactful for each of his 3 different audiences. He put in the work and he delivered. Don't go in with the "same old same old." Be you. Be different. There's only one of you, and the world needs it. #stuckthelanding #liorzoref #tapthewisdomofthecrowd #bookhimbeforeheistooexpensive #TEDspeaker #askhimabouttheox #leadingauthorities

Yes. EXACTLY. Thank you @nayyirah.waheed ♡

So much goodness in these pages! ☆♡☆♡☆ Congrats on your book, @natalykogan It is a beauty! And delighted my endorsement made it in, awwww. 😁 May it sell like hotcakes and make the world a happier place!

Thank you for the thoughtful and truly lovely package you sent, @amybscher ♡♡♡ I look forward to reading your book (and eating that chocolate cake)!