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Bringing on Saturday ultra cool granddaughter. 😎

I am the ACCIDENTAL AGENT. I started my business nearly sixteen years ago, as a favor to a very dear friend of mine. He was going into a meeting with his book editor and wanted someone to act as his agent to help him negotiate the speaking portion of his book tour. Me: "I am not an agent-- I've been producing conferences for a decade. I hire speakers and groan when they have 'agents'." Him: "Exactly. Wing it, she'll never know." Because my friend needed me, I gave it a try. I called into the meeting and straight away, the book editor said, "If you are just a friend of Kevin's pretending to be his agent, I refuse to negotiate with you." . Me: 🤤 Also Me: Thanking GOD this is a call and not a live meeting because I am beet red with embarrassment. . Followed by: "I am in this meeting as the authorized negotiator for Kevin. If you refuse to negotiate with me, then this phone call is over and Kevin will not be doing any speaking on his book tour." . . SCARY BOOK EDITOR: "Well, I guess this meeting is over." . Me: "Yes, it is." AND I HUNG UP. AND THEN I REALIZED MY CLIENT WAS STILL IN THE ROOM WITH HER. I was paralyzed. I didn't know what to do. My friend was now in a room with this shark, and I wasn't there to act on his behalf. But I felt like I had met her strength with an equal strength of my own. And I waited. 10 LONG MINUTES LATER, SHE CALLED ME BACK. . SCARY BOOK EDITOR: "I am sorry. Shall we continue?" Me: 😁 ------ I think the bottom line here is: Simply go for it. Don't let your fear or inexperience hold you back. . I was able to be brave on behalf of my friend, and it has led to a 16-year adventure that is still in progress. #calm #capable #kind #kindnessmatters #kindness #deeplygood #incrediblypowerful #whoathatisdifferent #modernrepresentation #paradigmshift #speaking #speaker #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation #author #doitanyway #fearisnotthebossofme

If you are in the Boston area Friday night, I hope you'll consider going to this event at the Harvard bookstore, featuring the legendary founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, Bernie Swain. In the work I do, I interact with dozens of speaker bureaus around the world, and the Washington Speakers Bureau is fantastic.

Happy Mother's Day to me, I get to mother this little soul on the motorbike. I'm so grateful.

In honor of all Moms: Check out this film being made as a documentary... a son takes his 75 yr old mom on her bucketlist adventure after she abruptly loses her job. Very touching And sweet. And your mom can be in the film! What a great Mother's Day present. @dutyfreefilm @sianpierre @rebrexit ❤

Speak from your story. What would you tell a dear friend? Start and keep going. To me, the most impactful speakers relate to their audience as though they are speaking 1:1 to a dear friend. Not in a condescending or preachy way, but to a peer and an equal who they would like to offer heartfelt advice and guidance and support. So if you feel you have a message to share, my suggestion is you print out a photograph of someone you know who could benefit from your knowledge. Create your presentation description and title based on what you would tell to that specific individual. Not to a crowd, not to an entire demographic, but to a specific person. How could they benefit? What will they learn? Why should they care? What will they walk away knowing? Feeling? Able to do? And from there, build your presentation from that one-on-one perspective. Next, move to your biography. It only needs to be a paragraph or two, but really choose what you highlight there, not from a bragging perspective or a "look what I've done," but why should this person listen to you speak on this topic? What uniquely positions you as the best expert to deliver this information to that person? Write from that place. Create from that place. It is generous. True. Wise. Helpful. And if it happens to be hilarious, all the better. . . . #calm #capable #kind #kindnessmatters #kindness #deeplygood #incrediblypowerful #whoathatisdifferent #modernrepresentation #paradigmshift #speaking #speaker #speakermanagement #speakerrepresentation #author #writing #turtlesteps #thisISscary #writer #loveforamykrauserosenthal #poetry #poetrycommunity #morningpages #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #haiku #speakingbizhaiku