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Thankfully New Leaf is only 4 people, so I don't think we will have a dance party-- but this is too funny not to share. I particularly love HR! What's your favorite??

Last Chance.... I received many fantastic applications for the role of my apprentice. This will be such a tough, but amazingly worthwhile, decision. I am busily going through everything submitted, and will begin reaching out to people this week. If you have been thinking about applying, but haven't yet, now is the time! Just send an empty email to the address in the graphic above, and it will kick back an auto reply with a link to the full job description and instructions, and the password to enter that protected portion of our website. Good luck to you!

Date night visit to Harvard Square to see my client, @amandapalmer and @wbur Christopher Lydon in conversation.

HURRY! FT job opening in Marblehead MA Looking for my "right arm, go-to person." Could it be you? Details available via auto-reply from We will work hard and have fun-- and give each other support in the challenging times. Cannot wait to meet you.....and, oh, the places we will go.👍 . . . #serendipity #magic #marblehead #job #speaking #speakermanagement #speaker #calm #capable #kind #enfj #writer

Sunday evening feeling as I see how many interesting people are inquiring about my apprentice position. . . Curious? Send an empty email to and it will kick out an automatic email with a link to the full scoop and the password to gain access.

For those who dream BIGGER but lack the capital, connections or know-how.....