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Weekend Plan: Sequester with loved ones in central Maine, aka the land of crappy cell service, dial up internet in 2017, glorious foliage and my family tree. En-route up today, by bus, to visit, read, enjoy the fall colors, ponder the magnitude of the universe and consider the overall reason for our existence. You know- the simple stuff. Enjoy YOUR fall weekend.

When your client, and dear friend, brings you the perfect combination of Ahhh! and A ha! presents to celebrate BIG news.... Thank you @aimeemullins 🍾 I love them! I deeply appreciate your support and trust.

Working on a proposal today and it represents a completely new way of advising and guiding those who work with New Leaf. So exciting! Stay tuned....

Saturday morning priorities. Putting the finishing touches on his sister's birthday card. Presents wrapped, ready for the world.

Last few hours in beautiful California....and stumbled upon Cafe Gratitude. Vegan! Yeah!

A lesson in customer service. Ok, so, at some point last night, the staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel knocked on my door repeatedly..... I had gone to bed hours earlier and was sound asleep. I ignored the knocks, thinking they would simply go away. They did not. After about 10 min, I yell from my bed "I'm sleeping." They reply, "We have the tortilla soup and salad you ordered." "Did not order any!" Knock, knock. I get up, grumpy, and stumble to the door and talk through it to say "I did not order room service, I'm going back to bed." All semblance of being polite was gone at this point. They apologized and left. - Fast forward to now. 1:10pm in the afternoon Pacific time. The hotel room phone rang and it was Brendan calling from the concierge desk. "Ms. Gray?" "Yes?" "I heard that we knocked on your door in error last night and I wanted to call to apologize for that." "No problem - ultimately, I'm sorry I was grumpy, but I had been totally asleep." "How can we make it up to you?" "Oh, no need - I'm just grateful that your front desk already authorized me to stay in my guest room until 6pm for no charge - THANK YOU!" "You are welcome! But no, I want to do something nice - can I send up a bottle of wine for you?" I start to protest....Brendan cuts me off, kindly, and says "No, I insist - Red or White?" "White, please." --- Wow. Just wow. I never called to complain, I never even mentioned it to a soul. But clearly the person who made the error admitted it to the staff and they took control of the situation and did something positive about it. I will take a page from this with the customer service I provide via New Leaf as well. Be proactive in taking initiative for resolving a challenge or error. Don't just do what is expected (ignore the problem and hope they don't notice or simply apologize), fix it if you can and then GO OVER AND ABOVE. It is what excellent customer service is all about. I don't want to ever be just 'average' or 'expected.' I want to surprise and delight. Be better. How 'bout you?

Beautiful location for a much anticipated meeting tomorrow. Magic is afoot.....

Plane reading... looking forward to learning more about Victoria Jackson and her family. Victoria was also inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame over the weekend and WHAT AN INCREDIBLE STORY SHE HAS. Whoa. @womenofthehall #greatwomen2017

A toast to @aimeemullins after her induction into The National Women's Hall of Fame, on the shore of Cayuga Lake. 📸 @rupertfriend #friendsmakeitbetter #greatwomen2017