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1:1 Confidential Advisory

Amy Gray

If you’d like a fully confidential advisory session to gain an insider’s view into the business of speaking, you’ve come to the right place.  These sessions are designed to allow you a space and time to privately share your unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of paid speaking and gain practical, unbiased advice from me – someone who has deep knowledge of the art and science of this industry.  I bring 27+ years of experience to our conversation – including a decade as a buyer of paid speakers’ time (so I know how event planners think and how they feel about working with speakers who have professional representation) and seventeen years as professional management for world-class speakers who command $35,000 – $200,000+ per appearance.

My team and I work with all the top speaker bureaus and agencies in the world and negotiate, globally, more than $6,000,0000 in annual bookings for our roster.

Do you see your needs reflected in the following descriptions?  If so, I can be immediately helpful.

    You are a successful ___________(insert your chosen moniker here – author, actor, artist, rock-star, entrepreneur, TED speaker, politician, public figure) and receive frequent invitations to do speaking appearances….and would like to accept carefully screened invitations that will further your personal and professional initiatives, while not running you ragged
    You are just getting started with paid speaking and do not yet have professional representation, but are hoping to find someone who will add you to their roster
    Agencies, bureaus and/or event hosts hired you to do some paid speaking and you’ve caught the bug for it…and want to do more of it….and earn more per appearance
    You are in the process of writing a book that will come out in the next 6-12 months and would like to get your ducks in a row so that if the book generates speaking inquiries you’ll be ready
    You are represented by an agency or bureau or management company and thinking about bringing your representation in-house, but don’t know what that would entail
    You are based outside the USA, or are here as a non-citizen, want to tap into the lucrative speaking market in the US and don’t know how to get started
    You have been represented by a bureau or agency in the past and disappointed with the results and don’t really know what to expect or if you should go down that road again
    You and/or your assistant currently manage your speaking inquiries and are feeling out of your element, unprepared or overrun with the workload and would love to know about other options

No matter what your situation is….. I can help.  I have not been stumped yet.
I thrive on educating and helping others and would be delighted to be of assistance to you.

If you are unsure about making this investment, please reach out to ask for references from others who have taken the step themselves and feel it was a good use of their time and money.  I also offer gratis, Mentorship Monday sessions – which are 15 minute phone conversations held on one Monday each month.

If you are intrigued, drop us a line at and we’ll get this party started.

Amy Gray

These video-mentoring sessions fill up quickly, so if you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible and we will find a mutually convenient time to hold your confidential session.

How it works:

  1. Each dedicated hour-long session is a $1,000 investment.
  2. You let me know you’d like to schedule a conversation and you’ll receive an invoice to pay via wire transfer or electronic check.
  3. Once your payment clears, my team will coordinate a mutually convenient time for us to spend 60 minutes on a video conference call together.  At your discretion, you cam have one other person on the video-conference with you, to take notes and allow you to direct your full attention to the conversation.
  4. Come to the call prepared to share a lot about YOU – what makes you tick, your strengths, your weaknesses, your current situation with with regard to speaking.  You can bring a list of questions and fire away!  I will have questions for you, too, and offer my advice, without any objective beyond helping you think about your next steps. All of the details you share in our call will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone else, not even my staff.

Why should you trust me?
I’ve spent the past seventeen years building a thriving speaker management practice and guiding the speaking work of some of the coolest people on the planet:  Those at the intersection of incredibly powerful AND deeply good.   Their influence and reach make them powerful and they channel that power to drive meaningful change in the world. Success and profit are not the end goals, they are metrics and mechanisms for driving positive change.

Their ‘goodness’ is shown in a myriad of ways:  through their products and services, writing, music, acting, philanthropy, leadership style, and the way they treat other human beings.  They are typically flooded with opportunities to speak – yet speaking is only one element of their personal brand, so opportunities must be carefully explored against what is truly important to each client.

The key is learning what appearances light them up and what they want their speaking to do as part of their personal brand.  From there, we craft and implement a custom strategy that serves that mission.  That strategy is carried out in a manner that is calm, capable and above all: Kind.  Kindness protects their hard won personal brand and creates an amplifying effect that creates global good will.

My business, New Leaf Speaker Management, is a boutique firm that handles the global speaking appearances of private label clients and an elite public roster:
Steve Wozniak, the co-Founder of Apple,
Aimee Mullins, TED All Star, actor, athlete, advocate and 2017 inductee to the National Women’s Hall of Fame,
Amanda Palmer, rock star, author of The Art of Asking & tribe builder extraordinaire,
Martha Beck, best-selling author of 8 books and counting, Oprah favorite and founder of a wildly successful life coach certification program, and
Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS and pioneer in the conscious capitalism movement.