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1:1 Confidential Advisory

Amy Gray

Welcome, Friend.

You likely have a core challenge that relates to paid speaking.  We can help.  A list of the types of issues faced by those in your shoes can be found immediately below my signature.  Perhaps you see a bit of yourself in one or more of those areas?

If so, and if you would like an insider’s view on the business of speaking, I offer two ways to directly connect:

1) Gratis advice sessions: I set aside time each month for quick, gratis conversations that are 15 minutes each.  These spots typically fill up a month or two in advance, so if you would like to have an initial chat about your most compelling challenge with regard to paid speaking, please reach out to Jessica, my assistant, as soon as possible. She’s reachable at and she can get you on my calendar.  Please note:  These sessions are not suitable for proposing yourself as a possible client for New Leaf.  The best way to do that is to write to Jessica and ask for information on our services and the profile of the type of client we are best able to serve.  These gratis sessions are specifically designed to have you identify your core biggest challenge with regard to your paid speaking and I’ll offer my insight into what could be most helpful for you to do next.  The conversations are spontaneous and fast-paced – and highly practical.

2) Confidential 1:1 advisory video-conference sessions:  These sessions are one hour long and meant to feel like we are actually getting together and having a live meeting, one to one.  They are scheduled on a more time-sensitive basis, based on your needs.  The investment is $1,000.  During your session, you’ll have my 28+ years of experience at your disposal.  You’ll also be able to email me directly after the conversation when you have a quick question or want to provide an update on how you are doing with your tasks from the session.  I look forward to hearing how your work progresses, so keep me informed!

My style:  
I’m nice – in an industry not known for ‘nice.’  I’m direct, but kind.  Kindness does not mean naive or ineffective.  In fact, I believe that the opposite is true.  Being KIND is the secret ingredient that makes us good at what we do. It takes more time to be kind vs. abrupt, but for me, it is an essential part of how we operate as individuals and as a business. I want to help every single person who reaches out to me for advice.  I’m writing a book about the work I do in the hopes that it will empower individuals to confidently manage their own speaking work or create an army of highly qualified speaker management spin-offs, so that the available pool of talent speaker management businesses can grow to meet market demand.

Our results:
My team and I work directly with event hosts and all the top speaker bureaus and agencies in the world.  Over the past five years we negotiated, globally, more than $25,000,0000 in annual bookings for our clients.  We continuously cultivate our network of more than 300 individual agents at speaker bureaus and agencies all over the world.  We also work directly with event hosts to handle all in-bound inquiries for our clients. 
In short, like the ad for Farmer’s Insurance – We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two — and we adore the work we do.

Speaking is not the path for the faint of heart.
It is not for the dabblers or those who want to hire someone to do all the heavy lifting and hope it results in lots of high fee paid speaking appearances.

Putting yourself on a stage, in front of those who need what you can teach them, is truly an honor.
It is the path for those who want to drive the world forward.  
It is the path of heroes.  It is the path of warriors, counselors and wise souls.  It is the path of activists, activators and inspirational giants.  It is a supremely powerful platform from which you can shape the world.

So, if you want to be a positive change-maker in the world and need some advice and guidance, please reach out.
Please drop my assistant a line at and let her know which type of conversation you’d like to have – gratis consultation or 1:1 advisory video-conference, and we’ll get this party started.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Amy Gray

Do you see your core challenge(s) on this list below?
If so, I can offer you information that will be immediately helpful.

    You are a successful ___________(insert your chosen moniker here – author, actor, artist, rock-star, entrepreneur, TED speaker, politician, public figure) and receive frequent invitations to do speaking appearances….and would like to accept carefully screened invitations that will further your personal and professional initiatives, while not running you ragged
    You are just getting started with paid speaking and do not yet have professional representation, but are hoping to find someone who will add you to their roster
    Agencies, bureaus and/or event hosts hired you to do some paid speaking and you’ve caught the bug for it…and want to do more of it….and earn more per appearance.  Please see my note about the biggest misconception with regard to representation, below.
    You are in the process of writing a book that will come out in the next 6-12 months and would like to get your ducks in a row so that if the book generates speaking inquiries, you’ll be ready
    You are represented by an agency or bureau or management company and feel a bit too removed from the actual conversations that shape the offers – yet you don’t have the bandwidth or speaking industry savvy to properly manage representation in-house
    You are based outside the USA, or are here as a non-citizen, want to tap into the lucrative speaking market in the US and don’t know how to get started
    After a less than stellar experience with representation, you are wondering what went wrong and where to go next
    You and/or your staff currently manage your speaking inquiries and are feeling overrun with the workload and would love to know about other options.

Availability for 1:1 Advisory Sessions:
If you’d like to book one, here’s how:

  1. Each dedicated hour-long video-conference session (via Zoom! or SKYPE, your choice) is a $1,000 investment, paid in advance.  The video-conference feels like we are having an in-person meeting, which is far better than just a regular phone call.
  2. Reach out to Jessica to set up a time and date for our session.  You’ll be invoiced and you can pay via wire transfer, Venmo, or electronic check.
  3. Once your payment is received, Jessica will coordinate a mutually convenient time for us to spend 60 minutes on a video conference call.  At your discretion, you can have one other person in the room with you, on the video-conference, to take notes and allow you to direct your full attention to the conversation.
  4. Come to the call prepared to share a lot about YOU – what makes you tick, your strengths, your weaknesses, your current situation with with regard to speaking.  Because our time together is precious, please also bring a prioritized list of your top 5 questions with regard to your speaking work so we can jump into that list. We may not get to all of them – so let’s start with your most pressing question first.  Your questions will likely prompt questions from me and I will offer my best advice, without any objective beyond helping you think about your next steps. All of the details you share will be kept strictly confidential within New Leaf.

If you would like me to review supporting information about you in advance of our conversation:  IE: Your website, your book, your LinkedIn profile, your social media accounts, etc.  If you feel additional context is needed prior to our conversation, advance review time (which can be capped to a specific duration to allow you to properly budget for it) is prepaid at $500 per hour.  I don’t think we’ll need it to have a highly productive first session – but if you feel strongly otherwise, just let Jessica know how much advance review time you’d like to secure and she will update your invoice.

Demand for paid speaking today comes from offering something that the marketplace deems valuable — and building a following that wants to hear from you.  You need to know what you bring to the table in credible expertise which solves a compelling problem faced by an identifiable audience. It is your work to make the audience member the ‘hero’ of the story you tell – not you.  You are the credible and empathetic authority that has the experience the ‘hero’ needs to be successful.  Your speaking is how you share that knowledge.

All of this is simple for me to write down here – but I know it not so easy to do.  I can help you spot where your highest demand is likely to come from – based on learning about your background, your current ‘reach,’ your accomplishments, your writing, your unique angle on what you’d like to talk about.

Please note:  Addition to our client roster is extended by “invitation only,” due the exclusive and specialized nature of our services; however, I can still be immediately helpful to you as a knowledgeable advisor, with no hidden agenda.  Our conversation will be a valuable stepping stone in your speaking career and a solid investment in your personal brand.