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Open Position

Title: Insert Your Future Title Here – TBD – You’ll essentially be the Swiss Army(tm) Knife on the Team
We will work with you to come up with a compelling relevant title once we learn more about you and the work we’d be doing together.

Salary:  This is a salaried position with compensation relative to your experience and the presence of a high number of the valued traits and skills listed below.  Please indicate your desired salary range when applying.  We also offer a leading-edge benefit package that includes a 401(k), health and dental insurance and partially flexible work hours, quarterly company retreats and the ability to bring your well-behaved dog to work.

Location of work:  Full-time in a beautiful downtown Burlington VT office

We know you ended up here because you’re likely looking for a new gig.  Great, because we’re looking for a new team member too.  Let’s do this a little differently, because we’re a little different.  Instead of the tired old job description – resume submission – form cover letter – interview process (yawn), we’ll pitch you on why we’re such a cool company to work for and why this is such a life-changing opportunity, and if that resonates with you, you pitch us on why you should be The One.  OK?  Good.

Have you ever gone to a business networking event or a conference and asked someone what they do for a living only to be blown away by how cool their job is and how passionate they are about their work?  This is that kind of job and if you get it that will be you.  Seriously . . . no joke . . . for real . . . this is the kind of job that everyone who asks about your career will want to know more about and almost invariably keep saying how they wish they had a job like that.  They should because the industry is fascinating, the work rewarding, the career opportunities almost limitless and we get to regularly rub elbows with some of the most impressive movers and shakers on earth.

You’re probably thinking (and rightly so) about the old adage ‘when something seems too good to be true, that’s usually because it is’.  That’s fair, but this is the exception to the rule.  This is all legit.  Keep reading and we’ll tell you the who, why, what and where of it all.

Who we are

We are New Leaf Speaker Management.  17 years old and counting.  We are a close-knit posse of speaking industry veterans and we love to work with people who are both incredibly powerful AND deeply good.  No hyperbole – we represent people who change the world for the better and treat people with kindness while they’re at it.  We specialize in highly customized public speaker management and private label representation for a client roster that includes thought leaders, makers, iconoclasts, best-selling authors and even a bona fide rock star.  Oh yeah, and we are a woman founded and woman led company – and proud of it.

Why we do this work

Because we care.  We care about people – our colleagues, our clients, our customers – and know that the success of our business relies on the quality of the professional relationships that we foster.  We care about living a life that matters and given that so much of our adult lives is spent working, we want our work to have meaning and purpose.  We care about doing things the right way and being transparent even when – no, especially when – it is difficult.

What we believe

We believe that our modus operandi of ‘Calm, Capable and Kind’ is a competitive advantage.  We believe in open-mindedness, self-awareness, empathy, company culture, intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence, laughter, science, reason and the triple bottom line. We believe in the power of words – both spoken and written.  We believe in trust as a corner stone of all things that matter, including our business.

Where do we do our thing

It is no coincidence that we are a co-located in two of coolest places in New England — Marblehead, MA and Burlington, VT.  Yet don’t be fooled by our small community roots- we are a global firm doing business with clients and customers all over the world. This position would be based, full-time, in Burlington, VT with several co-working trips to Marblehead, MA throughout the year and the possibility of travel to domestic and international events.

So what do you think?  Is your interest piqued?  Sound like the kind of gig that could get you out of bed in the morning, ready to take make a difference?  If so, read on . . .

It is tough to come up with a title for this role because this role will require the person to essentially be the Swiss Army(tm) knife on the team – doing whatever needs to be done to support our core business of representing high profile individuals for all their global paid speaking appearances.  This position gets you in on the ground floor of the public speaking industry and where you take it from here will entirely depend on your aptitude, drive and character. This is a field known for being equal parts art and science – so if you are looking for a cookie-cutter process you can follow, this is not the job.  You will need to be inventive, intuitive, determined and flexible in your approach to getting your work done.  You may be thinking: “All this sounds great, but I don’t know anything about the speaker management business.”  Lack of industry experience is 100% ok.  It is far more important that you have the attributes outlined below and can provide convincing detail on how you exhibit them.  You’ll be directly mentored by a talent representative with two decades of experience while also honing your professional chops under the tutelage of the rest of our highly experienced team.  You will have a ton of support and encouragement, but you will be expected to be self-motivated, proactive, professional, reliable, instinctive, and of course, calm, capable and kind.

We highly value:

  • general tech savvy
  • diversity of perspective
  • strong work ethic
  • honesty and integrity
  • the ability to think critically, innovate, and solve problems
  • self-awareness – can see how your actions and words impact others
  • accountability – willing to ‘own’ your results and learn from your mistakes
  • great writing skills
  • a quick reader with excellent comprehension
  • optimism
  • being a quick, intuitive study
  • fast typing skills
  • active listening
  • bravery
  • tact
  • productivity
  • dedication

And here are some things that would disqualify someone from being considered for the role:

  • The opposite of any of the things noted above

Like we said already, our hiring process is bit different so read the following carefully as the instructions are highly specific for a reason.  We take deadlines, attention to detail, reading comprehension and ability to process a lot of information seriously, so how you handle all this will be an important consideration as we evaluate your candidacy.  We also outline the process in this way to manage expectations and be respectful of everyone’s time.

Please don’t email us with questions – if you aren’t sure about something just think it through and make an informed presumption.  We know we are asking a lot and perhaps the process will seem daunting, but this is intentional on our part since we believe hiring is the most important strategic decision any organization will make.  We are committed to getting it right so please only put yourself forward if you are willing to see it through and truly think you have what it takes to thrive in this role.

Ready? If so, we hope you’ll jump in with both feet and apply ASAP.  In an ideal world, we want to extend a job offer before 2018 ends, so our emphasis will be on moving swiftly as we identify promising candidates.

Step 1: Send us an email at that tells us a bit about you.  You know what, let’s actually take this a step further – send us an email AND a video that tell us a bit more about you.  Don’t send a resume or CV or anything else for that matter but do include an email address, phone number and Skype ID as those are the ways we’ll communicate with you.  The email should not be a formal cover letter, but rather something we will want to read that gives us a sense of who you are, what fires you up, what skills you bring to the table, etc.  Use your authentic voice and have fun with it, yet be professional, concise and display your talent for the written word.  And please, don’t include trendy buzzwords or corporate jargon. The video should just expand upon the email.  Simply give us a sense of you as a person and take the opportunity to tell us why you think you should be considered.  You have wide creative license here and we will prize creativity, humor, personality, candor and production value.  But remember, this is still part of a job application process so use good judgement and represent yourself professionally.  Please send the video via a private YouTube link embedded in your email.

Step 2: We’ll follow up with you via email within one week of receiving your video.  We might just say something like, ‘Thank you for your interest in joining the team.  It was great to get to know you a bit, but we’ve zeroed in on a few other applicants at this time” or we might say something like, ‘Thank you for your interest in joining the team.  It has been great to get to know you a bit and we want to know more.’  We’ll set up a quick phone call to talk to you.

Step 3:  We’ll follow up with you via email within a week after our phone call.  We might just say something like, “Thank you for all your time and attention during this process.  We think you’re awesome, but we’ve zeroed in on a few other applicants at this time” or we might say something like, “Thank you for all your time and attention during this process.  We’d like to set up a time for you to talk with our team.”  We’ll set up a group SKYPE interview (or perhaps interviews).

Step 4: Here’s where the field narrows considerably.  After the SKYPE interview(s), we’ll pick 2-3 candidates, maximum, to receive the golden chocolate bar email, and set up a time for each one to take a competencies assessment via an interview with an outside consultant and a member of our team sitting in on the conversation.  Seriously, that is the next step.  We’re a diverse team with distinct personalities that has developed an awesome chemistry together.  We use this process to help ensure we are building upon that, and that it’s a good fit for all stakeholders.  We’ll ask for references and your resume at this point in the process, which are necessary for the required background check.  We handle extremely sensitive information on very high profile individuals so this due diligence is a must.

Step 5:  After all that, if signs point to ‘Hell Yeah!’ on your candidacy, we’ll offer you a position on our team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through and for seriously considering our opportunity.
We look forward to meeting you and, with any luck, to toasting your employment anniversary around this time next year.