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You, yes Y-O-U

On September 10th, 2019, we turned eighteen.  Whoa.

After nearly twenty years of representing extraordinary individuals, we are crystal clear on why we are in business and who we are excited to work with in the decades to come.

We are devoted to those who thrive at the intersection of power and goodness.
Our clients are both powerful AND deeply good humans.

You see the “+” in various combinations of their personality, corporate focus, individual brand, published content &/or speaking work.

Many convert their success into powerful philanthropy.

They connect with people and move the world forward.
They build profitable businesses, write best-sellers, gather huge audiences and dream massive dreams.

And they achieve them.

We are here to help them in that aim by guiding and advising them on their paid speaking work.
We view speaking as a highly important extension of the amazing work they do in the world.
Whether they do one appearance per year or seventy.
We help clients identify WHY they accept speaking work so that together we can choose the BEST opportunities.
We are their highly personal alternative to traditional bureau or agency representation.

Say “Hello!” by reaching out to our founder, Amy Gray, at
We look forward to hearing from you.