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$10 donation for your chance to win a full weekend pass to the Sweet Paul Makerie

Hello Friend!  *Click here for a downloadable pdf of this info*

Love is definitely in the air……………..and I’d love to encourage you to enter for a chance to join me in Brooklyn on April 8-9, 2017 for the incredibly inspiring Sweet Paul Makerie.  I’ve attended this creative extravaganza on two prior occasions and both times I fell totally in love:  In love with all the thoughtful details, in love with the tribe of creative people gathered, in love with the care that Ali and Sweet Paul pour into the event, in love with the beauty of the event space, and in love with the instructors who share so much of themselves.

And do you know what else I love?  Helping others who are not as fortunate.  So, in that spirit, I’ve created an opportunity for one lucky recipient to join me in Brooklyn for this year’s Sweet Paul Makerie – all while helping another family that I adore.  Through your online entry to win this incredible workshop experience, you are directly helping a deserving family pay for the renovations on their home, to allow them to bring their beloved daughter home again.

It’s a win-win-win.
-Amy Gray

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ve purchased a pre-paid attendance ($1,495 value) to the 2017 Sweet Paul Makerie to gift to one person, to allow that person (or their selected recipient) to join me at the incredible workshops below, on April 8-9, 2017 in Brooklyn, NY.
  • To enter:  Simply donate $10 to the Casa Rombach Fund on Crowdrise and list #creativityforall in the comments.
    Donations must be made between February 3rd and February 28th, 2017 and be tagged with #creativityforall in the comments to be eligible.
    I founded the Casa Rombach Fund several years ago and 100% of all proceeds go directly into the bank account of the Rombach family here in my town of Marblehead MA, to help bring their daughter, Chloe Rombach, 24 years old, home.  Chloe, a vivacious recent graduate of UMASS Amherst, was struck by a car on her way to work in December 2014 and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.  She has not regained consciousness.  She currently lives in a rehabilitation hospital about an hour away and her parents visit her daily — but they want to bring their beloved daughter home.  They are currently renovating to make it possible to care for Chloe there.  Chloe’s full story and a short video slideshow is at the Crowdrise link above.
  • I’ll download a list of all those who donate in the time frame above, with the #creativityforall tag, and print them out on slips of paper.
  • On Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 1:00pm Eastern time, I’ll do a Facebook Live drawing and read out the winner’s name.  I’ll then email to notify that person, too, and forward the link to the confirmed registration.  The winner will be responsible for all transportation and lodging to/from the Sweet Paul Makerie – the prize is a full registration to the two day event itself.
  • I’ll see you in Brooklyn in April!

Here are the details of our weekend classes together:
Saturday, April 8th – All day class
Espadrilles with the Brooklyn Shoe Space
It’s a perfect slip-on, for the country, beach or the city! In this six-hour Espadrille making workshop, you will finish a pair of espadrille sandals, slides or slip-ons made to fit your feet. You will learn how to manipulate leather using simple techniques to create a one of a kind Espadrille slippers/shoes. Techniques will include cutting the pattern, cutting leather/fabric, skiving the leather if necessary, punching holes, stitching the upper onto the jute sole unit. Then you can also embellish the Espadrilles with hardwares or acrylic paint. Each student will leave the class with a pair of their very own Espadrille sandals.

Sunday, April 9th – Morning
Abstract Botanical Art with Tara Hogan
Create your own piece of unique botanical abstract art and design utilizing matte medium image transfers, masking tape rip and tear shapes, paper collage, and adding detail touches like pencil,  and mark making with found and everyday objects. We will practice test on paper to get a general composition and idea then work direct on a smooth light thick wood surface that will be ready hang on any wall in your home. For image transfers we will use black and white photocopies and matte medium to create a thin nontoxic acrylic polymer emulsion that lifts the paper off the image so we are left with a transparent piece of art that can be then adhered to your wood block. You can add more transfers or choose to use the tape, paper, or even monoprint textures. *** Please bring any reference that you would like to create from as well black and white xerox copies for your matte medium transfers. We will provide reference as well.

Sunday, April 9th – Afternoon  **An additional waiver is required for the Perfuming Class**
Botanical Perfuming:  Scent & Signature Stories with Aba of Aba Love Apothecary
ABA LOVE APOTHECARY invites you to create a custom aromatic blend in the spirit of personal stories. In this 3 and a half hour workshop, we will create a pure botanical perfume oil blend to journey with you on your wildest adventures (real or fantasy).
In this class we will:
• explore a variety of treasured oils and fundamental ingredients
• cover top, heart and base notes and how they relate to each other
• discuss the unique energy of each essential oil & the personal connection to oils
• discuss aromatic character & scent profiles.
By the end of class, students will have created a 10ml botanical blend with their newfound olfactory finesse!