Mitnick is on a roll!

We are always excited to see our speakers doing cool and interesting things….and recently, with the launch of his new book Ghost in the Wires, Kevin Mitnick has been all over the media. Perhaps you saw him in the NY Times, on the Colbert Report, or in Time Magazine, American Way Magazine or on Reuters here and here? If not, you should check some of those links out and let me know what you think. Congratulations, Kevin, for making it to the NY Times best-seller list!

I also want to say, for what its worth, that I read the book and was absolutely astonished, entertained and riveted by the story line. As a confirmed non-techie, I had been nervous that the book would be ‘over my head’ in many places, but Bill Simon and Kevin do a great job of breaking down the escapades into wonderfully informative, but easy to digest, mini-stories. Well done, men!

It is also amazing to me that after a decade of working together I was still surprised to learn details about Kevin’s early life and years on the run. Someone better make this into a movie. It would be excellent.

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